Injured Northern Gannet Sent In By Stephen Westgate

Hello Joey,
I live over by Lanes Cove and, while walking my dog tonight, came across an injured Northern Gannet up on sunset point.  As I have never seen one of these great sea birds around here I was hoping there was a wildlife rehabilitation clinic that would be willing to treat and hopefully re-release this striking creature.  My original plan was to bring her to the Danvers Animal Hospital which treats injured wildlife, but the staff told me that, with their limited resources, it was unlikely they could rehabilitate this type of bird and it would more than likely be euthanized . I was told that there was a Wildlife Clinic in Weymouth but  they will accept injured wildlife only between the hours of 10-2.  With my work schedule I will be unable to make it there tomorrow and my only other option would be a very long drive to Tufts Wildlife Clinic  out in Grafton after work.  I was hoping that with your help I may be able to find someone interested in making the trip down to Weymouth tomorrow to give this bird (a rare sight around here) a chance.  Thanks in advance for any help or ideas you have in this matter.
Thank you

4 thoughts on “Injured Northern Gannet Sent In By Stephen Westgate

  1. Have forwarded your request on to a licensed bird rehabber to see if she wants it? Need a way for her to contact you – Her name is Alison.


  2. Jody Swenson here in Gloucester is a licensed wildlife rehabilitator and is very responsive: her cell is 978-375-9555. Leave a message and she will get back to you as soon as she can. Good luck, hope it goes well.


  3. Tufts sometimes can come to pick them up as well. They have come to my office to pick up injured wildlife before. Good luck and thanks.


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