“Occupy Wall St.” Comes to Gloucester

8 thoughts on ““Occupy Wall St.” Comes to Gloucester

    1. Did someone say it was supposed to be funny?

      Can it be simply a photo of a bunch of dolls holding signs much the same way that the Occupy Wall St people are and the picture just presented itself?

      Could it be that there was an artistic look in the repetition of the pattern that caught Marty’s eye?

      My guess is that the photo isn’t a political statement at all except for the folks who want to look at it that way.
      But of course I’m not Marty.

      One of the things we avoid here on GMG is getting involved with left vs right politics, the hard core left and hard core right refuse to find any good in each other’s views and accept what the extremists in their party shove down their throat without question.


  1. this is poor, the occupy wall street protests do no good, they escalate into riots that destroy property and hurt people and do nothing they were intended to do as rage escalates, not humorous


  2. @Anonymous: I have not read or viewed images of destruction at these rallies which you claim escalate into riots. Could you please provide some evidence to support you statements? I find it heartening that many in this movement come from both right/center/left, and all agree that our financial systems are corrupt and are making at least a stand against it.


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