G-town Journal, Colombus Day Weekend From FOB Meg Lee

Hi Joey,

Had a fabulous weekend in G-town. Here’s my log:

Sat. 10/8/11

Picked up my bf Lorene at 6:30am and headed up to G-town for some fishing. My homegirl caught the fishing bug this summer, and she’d asked me last week if I’d be interested in going. I had only gone fishing one other time in my life and that was over 20 years ago, so I was up for it. We arrived at the Yankee Fleet behind LAT 43 around 7:15am, got our tickets and boarded the Yankee Freedom for a half day of fishing. There were about 2 dozen going out. The weather was stellar and we were pretty anxious to catch some fish. At our first spot someone caught the first fish within minutes – a dogfish. My friend disappointingly assured me that we would not catch any fish in that spot. We moved to another spot, and same thing. At the third spot, I was like, who let the dogs out? I thought of the movie The Perfect Storm and Billy Tyne saying "I always find the fish!" So each time we moved to a new spot I kept saying "tell us where the fish are Billy Tyne!" I caught a dog at the 4th spot. At the fifth spot, I waited, ans sure enough someone caught another dog. I didn’t bother dropping my line after that. On the way back to shore I told my friend I was a little disappointed but it was a great boat ride and a beautiful day out in the harbor. Captain Tom apologized to us for the unproductive run. I guess it’s just one of those things. Back in St. Peter Square parking lot I shouted out, "Does anybody want a bag of ice?" I told my friend we should go back to the store, return our ice and get our money back. We both laughed. I had previously told my friend about the GMG blog and told her if she was up for it after fishing we should go to Capt Joe and Sons so she could meet Joey C and get a bumper sticker.

So, we put our empty coolers in the back of the car and trekked on over to 95 East Main St. Great to see and chat with you again Joey, and thanks for the new bumper sticker. We drove down to Rocky Neck, as Lorene had never been there before. I took her down to the Khan Studio/GMG Gallery to meet E.J. We had a nice visit and Lorene scored one of EJ’s prints of a lighthouse scene. We went back to the Rocky Neck parking lot, had a tail gate snack and hung out for a while. My friend really liked it there. We called it a day and headed back to Everettaround 3:30pm.

Sun. 10/9/11

The kids and I headed out around 10:30am for a trek to G-town to take in the Cape Ann Artisans Tour. I knew we wouldn’t be able to make all the stops, including stopping at the Arts and Craft festival in Annisquam that E.J. had recommended. Marty Morgan’s place was hopping with visitors, and we briefly chatted with Marty’s colleague who was busy at the potter’s wheel. Next on to Judy Wright’s studio. My personal opinion is that Judy has the most killer spot of the tour. My daughter Melee commented that it’s like being on the edge of the world. Gorgeous. We walked up and found Judy sitting outside with her colleague Jan Weinshanker of Apple Bay Designs. We all went into the studio and as usual Judy had some outstanding mosaic work, as well as some new paintings, jewelry and pastel work. I love Judy’s pastel paintings. She uses a very unusual technique of layering colors that produces a fabulous end result. Nice seeing you again Judy, and meeting you Jan. On to Marge Rack’s place, where we were delighted to see that Marge had her seven year old grand daughter Sophie in tow. Marge had some 3d wire abstract designs that were very detailed, and some walnut ink prints that were quite nice. Nice to see you again Marge, and meeting and chatting with Sophie. Let us know how that kiln project for your colleague unfolds. It would be great to attend that event. From there we headed back downtown to Beth Williams studio, and I did pass on your hello to her, Joey. She was delighted to receive the message. Beth does amazing things with glass. I love it that her jewelry is so outside of the mainstream. Plus, everywhere you turn in her studio there are bursts of color everywhere – she has it laid out so that you’re constantly wowed by the different pieces on display. Nice seeing you again Beth and thanks for chatting with us. No time to lose so we were off to Rocky Neck to visit the Khan Studio/GMG Gallery. I wanted to purchase a Finest Kind Calendar before the gallery closed down for the season. Melee was able to purchase 2 of E.J.’s prints, a floral and a silhouette of a rafter in Jamaica. Until next year, E.J., and hope you have a productive, creative winter in Annisquam. We stopped at Gallery 5 per E.J.’s recommendation, and met Jeff Cluett for the second time. We first met Jeff at Sidewalk Days in August, and we were happy to see him displaying his work on Madfish Wharf. Jeff does something really cool – his business cards are hand made, so that every one is unique. Novel idea Jeff! While Melee and I had been chatting with E.J., Freddo snuck out and went into Diana’s Gallery and came back to us and reported that a lady in one of the galleries was from Everett. So, at his suggestion we went in and met Diana Pasquariello. Small world for sure. Our families never knew each other but we had a common bond of being from one of those small close knit communities from back in the day, the city of Everett. Diana had some amazing watercolor pieces in her gallery; she does fabulous work. Nice meeting someone from back in the hood, Diana! It was 3:30pm and I wanted to get to Bart Stuyf’s before the tour ended, so I didn’t think we’d have time to stop at the Imagine Gallery. Making haste back up Rocky Neck Ave., we saw Brenda sitting outside having a late lunch. We decided to make a quick stop, as she was having a blow out end of the season sale. Melee got a bracelet so it was worth the stop. Plus, it’s always nice to connect with good vibes Brenda. We headed back to the parking lot and back down East Main St. to Stacey Blvd. and 127 into Magnolia. Bart Stuyf is also in a great secluded location with killer harbor views. Bart is one of our favorites on the tour, and we have a kindred connection with his wife Amy and daughters Sarah and Kate. Bart has done some amazing new work. He had some pieces with sea horses swimming in the sea grass – copper sea horses and brass sea grass. Visually stimulating and very relaxing to look at at the same time. He was actively constructing an octopus during our visit. Keep up the great work Bart. We love your creations and are very fond of your family!

Back onto 127 south headed for home.

Thus ends another adventure in G-town. See you next time.

FOB, Meg Lee

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