Agassiz Rock

Agassiz Rock in Manchester is a beautiful hike, besides the huge glacial boulders you’ll see you will get to hear some very loud bull frogs!

Big Agassiz Rock

10 thoughts on “Agassiz Rock

  1. Nice Shot Alicia. I’ve been trying to get over there this week to walk the loop with my son, but he keeps falling asleep in the car on the ride over!
    Do you think I could use the top image in an event post for the Trustees of Reservations on my site North Shore Kid?


  2. Hello, Alicia– do you know which Agassiz the rock was named for? My maternal grandfather, Bela Lyon Pratt, sculpted a bas relief of Alexander Agassiz in 1911 so
    I’d be interested to know. Thanks for the great post. I bet those frogs are singing to the arrival of Spring!


    1. Hi Cynthia,
      I found this on the trustees of the reservations site…
      “In October 1874, a group of students from the Essex Institute formally named the site to honor Louis Agassiz (1807–1873), the professor of natural history at Harvard University who first theorized that the rocks that dot New England’s landscape were shaped and deposited by glaciers. Agassiz supposedly visited the site at the suggestion of its then-owner, Frederick Burnham.”


  3. I read this post through tag surfing as I often write about Manchester although I live in Alaska. I’ve done this hike many times but the first was the most memorable. In fifth grade we read about Louis Agassiz and on the hike I found a huge quartz crystal growing out of a rock. It hooked me on geology and earth science for years. You hear Agassiz referred to more frequently in Alaska perhaps because of all the glaciers. I will be back to the North Shore soon, maybe for good.


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