back to the land, set your soul free

Ruth Wall writes-

Hi Joey,

Remember how I stumbled into Passports thinking I could do anything, including eat that hamburger, because I had just survived the hardest yoga class of my life?  I have an opportunity tip-off for a few strong people who don’t melt in the heat.  Help Kenny Lane at Seaview farm with haying.  This is the sort of thing football teams will sometimes "go out for" because it is such good conditioning.  It’s fresh air and by its definition, sunshine…"make hay while the sun shines".  There is drama and adventure too, as your crew races to get all the bales picked up before an oncoming thunder storm.  And that good, exhausted feeling afterward, Inner Peace.

Kenny mows fields for people all around Cape Ann.  The work is part time and for an afternoon here and there, and Ken does pay his help. He is looking for some good people now to help on and off for the rest of the summer.  Maybe if you post about it someone ill be glad for this rare chance to farm right close to home.

Ruth Wall

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