Gloucester At Dawn Poor Dead Coyote On Moorland Road 4:50AM 5/22/10

This poor coyote must have gotten hit by a vehicle within the past few hours as the blood was still vibrant red.

RIP Mr Coyote.  Hope your life on the island was a good one.

There must have been quite an impact to make his eye bug out like that on one side of his head.
I wonder if this is the same coyote I came face to face with on the Good Harbor Beach Footbridge in these pictures back on July 5th,2008-

14 thoughts on “Gloucester At Dawn Poor Dead Coyote On Moorland Road 4:50AM 5/22/10

  1. When I lived in Westford I use to see wolves & coyote on the farm. I loved seeing the coyote there & the deer. Poor baby. I just hope he died quick. The coyote were awesome. They would just sit there & watch you work the fields. And at night I would love to hear their howl. It was awesome except for the animal they caught. But that howl was unbelievealbe. Some cats did disappear from the farm.


  2. Every morning I look forward to GMG. I think its terrific. The photos, the humor, toilet and “ho” humor included….and then, this. I think most people get the drift of the dead coyote photo. I lived in East Gloucester, near Moorland Rd, for 20 years. Walked, jogged, biked and drove it. Cars speed down that road. However, did you really have to include the photo of the poor thing’s eye bugging out? In 38 years of driving, (scary, yes, do the math those who know me), I have never hit an animal. If I did, I would never just leave it there. I was a few cars behind a hit and run a few years ago, eye popped out, seizures, etc. It was really awful but mercifully did not last long. Another woman and I stayed with it as help was on the way. She wrapped it in her shirt jacket and the Rockport Police were kind enough to come help. Since then I always keep something in the car to wrap an injured animal in, if ever necessary. I have had one of my cats hit (a hit and run) and left torn open and bleeding. (and lived, thanks to the skill of Dr. French). I for one did not need that disturbing photo. Please think about the effect something like this could have on some people before you publish a graphic photo like that. To me, it was overkill, no pun intended.


    1. I’d be lying if I didn’t say that i was on the fence about posting it but it just seemed to be a part of the story and I didn’t think I should have held it back in the end.

      I don’t know. A lot of stuff is a judgment call and not always an easy one to make. It looked like a cartoon the way the eye bugged out, as if you couldn’t have painted a more cartoonish picture and that was the determining factor in the end. I didn’t even notice it like that when I was scooched down and shaking while taking the picture over the animal. It wasn’t til after when I uploaded the picture did I notice the eye popping out like that.

      I really appreciate your thoughtful response about it though.


  3. I just spent the day at Wolf Hollow in Ipswich. After checking out a bunch of wolves there this “coyote” looks to be much more coywolf than straight coyote. Both coyote and wolf have yellow eyes which Joey has documented with the eye popping out but that face looks much more like a wolf I was just looking at today. The foot pads are a pretty decent size too. This is either a young wolfote (more than 50% wolf) or an an older coyote. But the pelt is too shiny for it to be that old.

    Too bad you didn’t get a blood sample. The genotyping would be a piece of cake.

    ps. Could people drive a little slower? I bet you brake for cute squirrels you should also brake for wolfotes if only to keep your car out of the shop.


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