Our Lady Of Good Voyage Statue At Cape Ann Museum

I’ve been kicking myself for a good long while now for missing the Charlie Lowe exhibit as well as the St Peter’s Fiesta exhibit at Cape Ann Museum.  It had been probably about 30 years since I’d been in the Cape Ann Museum- what a mistake.

Well the Middle Street Walk was the perfect opportunity to reacquaint myself with the joint.  What a treat.  What a treasure. Go and see for yourself the beautiful artifacts within.  I loved seeing Deb Clarke’s beautiful fish on glass.  This old statue which I assume was the original that stood atop Our Lady Of Good Voyage Church.  The Old Republic- Howard Blackburn’s boat in which he sailed by himself across the Atlantic in record time after he had lost his hands to frostbite (I think that’s right).  The Fitz Hugh Lane Paintings.  The old dory and the tools used to make sails and mend nets.  The models of the Gloucester Waterfront accurate with the Flakeyards and all.

Bottom line is that if you haven’t been- GO.  You won’t be disappointed.  I also would tell you that if you have relatives or friends in from out of town- send them here as well as the Maritime Heritage Center and the Judith Sargent Murray House.

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9 thoughts on “Our Lady Of Good Voyage Statue At Cape Ann Museum

  1. I was working at the shop across the street when this statue was being removed. Watching her being hoisted her off her perch was – truly amazing. From the street I remember the breath holding absence I felt before she was replaced.

    Were we being looked after and protected for those moments without her up there?

    A few shards of wood from her base fell to the sidewalk. I have one of those painted long shards from from her cape, Madonna blue, on my Gloucester shelf here at home.

    Thanks for the quality photos and the memories Joe.



  2. Cape Ann Museum is an absolute treasure! It is a world-class museum dedicated to preserving the history of Gloucester – both artistic and cultural.

    There are many, many events held there (you can sign up to the seARTS eBlast to keep track of them). One of my favorite exhibitions was some years back, a photographic history of the Mother of Grace Club.

    I love that statue, I first saw it shortly after I moved here.


  3. Hey Joey! That statue is one of my favorite treats at the museum. one day i will do a painting of her from some pics (shhhh!) that i took of her (for art reference only) a few years back. btw: check out my blog. Google Maps sent me a Favorite Place Decal, with my own unique scan code. If your business is not on google maps, you should be. i’m sure you would generate a lot more attention to your business. btw: my studio is private, by appointment only, but i think i will put the decal on my truck window. if people notice it, they can scan it with their iphone, blackberry, whatever and they will get the googlemap info, my business info, link to my blog, and driving directions.
    best of the season to you.
    and i must have brought home 75 pounds of shrimp the year i packed whiting at Walley’s. the females were filled with roe and all of the tiny shrimp were culled by the women. it was a nice christmas gift. i stuffed everyone’s freezers with 5 pound boxes of those little treats.


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