Wendie Demuth Gallery Grand Opening On Rocky Neck Saturday and Sunday

There is going to be plenty of adult beverages as well as Joey C Iced Tea.

77 Rocky Neck Ave, Madfish Wharf Gallery G4 (right next to the Khan Studio/GMG Gallery)


Saturday and Sunday June 11 & 12, Noon-9:00, 77 Rocky Neck Ave, G4 on the Madfish Grille Wharf

Newly minted Gloucester resident Wendie Demuth will officially christen her first photography gallery this weekend and everyone is invited! In addition to unveiling luscious global imagery shot everywhere from Indonesia to Africa to Europe– and of course the center of the universe, Cape Ann — Wendie will be treating visitors to snacks and her newly-launched brand of proprietary ice tea that has appropriately been branded “Joey C. and Wendie D.’s Iced Tea”—in addition to other festive libations!

This gallery’s photography is as cool as the ice tea and promises to deliver the kind of wonder and curiosity only Mother Nature can concoct. Images include panoramic views of giant red sand dunes from Namibia (the largest in the world!), vivid close-ups and landscapes of Holland’s tulips, crazy colorful abstracts, and loads of other visual delights that will have you wondering whether you’re looking at a painting or a photograph– all priced so everyone can afford to decorate their spaces with a completely inspiring and original print of one size or another!

So come down to the Madfish Wharf on Rocky Neck this weekend to help Wendie celebrate her opening and eat, drink and be merry with all your fellow FOB-ers and all the other totally cool Rocky Neckers– and of course make sure to stop by the  GoodMorningGloucester Gallery–G3, right next door!!

3 thoughts on “Wendie Demuth Gallery Grand Opening On Rocky Neck Saturday and Sunday

  1. Welcome, Wendie, to a great Gloucester Art Community.
    I enjoyed your interview with Joey. Your enthusiasm is contagious and I look forward to meeting you and seeing your beautiful work.
    Good luck! I hope you are very successful!


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