Day Is Done At Plum Cove

I took CB (crystal ball) out to watch one of the recent hazy sunsets. I understand the haze was caused by Canadian wildfires. I am always grateful for the variations in our skies especially at sunrise and sunset. We went to Plum Cove Beach along Washington St for a view and thought you might enjoy the same.

One thought on “Day Is Done At Plum Cove

  1. Across the hills the sun has gone astray
    Tomorrows cares are many dreams away
    They stars are flying your candle is dying
    Yield up the darkness to old John O’Dreams

    Both man and master in the night are one
    All things are equal when the day is done
    The prince and the ploughman, the slave and the freeman
    All find their comfort in old John O’Dreams

    When sleep it comes the dreams come running clear
    The hawks of morning cannot reach you here
    Sleep is a river, flow on forever
    And for your boatman choose old John O’Dreams


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