Graham Nash at the Cabot

I was lucky enough to be invited to see Graham Nash at the Cabot Theater in Beverly last week. Way back in High School my friends and I would go see Crosby, Stills, and Nash at Great Woods every year. I remember those shows fondly for lots of different reasons. All these years later, I still love live music….be it a small intimate venue with an up-and-coming artist, stages all over cities like Nashville, a band playing outside on the waterfront….or, obviously, a big concert. I read somewhere a bit ago, “Life is short. Buy the damn concert tickets.” I feel that for sure! If you haven’t been to the Cabot recently you should. SUCH a great venue! Graham Nash was phenomenal. Not only has he not missed a beat in all of these years and still sounds amazing….but, my favorite part, was that every single song had a story. It was so fun to hear the inspiration…often really funny…behind each song.

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