Smithsonian Traveling Exhibit Has Arrived in Essex

The wonderful Essex Shipbuilding Museum is currently hosting a portion the the traveling Smithsonian exhibit “Crossroads: Change in Rural America” and it’s well worth a ride over for a look-see. It’s the first time since its 1994 inception that the Museum on Main Street program has come to Massachusetts. It is open through Oct 22 and is spread out over 3 Essex locations: The Essex Shipbuilding Museum, the EHSSM Schoolhouse and Essex Town Hall. For additional information on hours and other details, click here.

The Smithsonian can be counted on for quality presentations and this is no exception. The exhibit presents various aspects of rural America over the last century. It’s well set up and contains a great deal of content and thought provoking materials. AND it’s free!

The day I visited, I was unable to go to the Schoolhouse portion of the exhibit as it had to unexpectedly close. But I did view the portions of the exhibit in the Essex Shipbuilding yard and at Town Hall (3rd floor). I had not realized the exhibit was set up in this manner, but I think you can get a great deal out of it even if you can’t get to all the locations. It can be a little confusing, but look for the well placed signage for guidance.

Photos taken at shipyard and Town Hall:

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