Barns Along the Byway In Washington State

While we were on our recent trip to the Pacific Northwest, Gloucester came to mind several times. We took a ride along the local scenic byway (which I recommend anytime you get the chance anywhere you are) and came upon this bucolic scene that I wanted to share. It’s called the San Juan Islands Scenic Byway and I recommend giving it a shot if you ever find yourself there.

There’s quite a bit of farmland in Friday Harbor on San Juan Island in Washington and it’s quite striking especially in cases where you can see the ocean nearby. Although this wasn’t the case here, I still found the scene worthy to share as a Barn Along the Byway.

One thought on “Barns Along the Byway In Washington State

  1. Barns and Stage Fort Park and Half Moon Beach (three of my favorite subjects) and majestic schooners all over the place – in just a little over a day’s worth of postings! Thanks, Good Morning Gloucester bloggers!!!!


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