I Am More Project

Gloucester’s very talented artist Amy Kerr sent me the next couple of events for the I Am More Project.

Dear I Am More subjects,

I’m starting to prep for the next exhibit at South Shore Plaza in Braintree (flyer attached). We’re going to be taking down Holyoke and putting up SSP in one day, so the dates to see the exhibit are March 14-April 9.

Because there are now 40 of you, and an exhibit with the display panels can only include 20, I’m going to be mixing you up at each location. This will be based on people who live closest to the exhibit, and as much diversity as possible in the subject matter. You have all been included in one of the last two exhibits at Northshore and Holyoke, so the South Shore Plaza exhibit will include:

  1. Jessica and Mila
  2. Carol
  3. Jerri
  4.  Josh
  5. Jonathan
  6. Patrick
  7. Arielle
  8. Chris V
  9. Danny
  10. David
  11. Eliana
  12. Margot
  13. Ryan
  14. James
  15. Chris C
  16. Joe
  17. Áine
  18. Ryan M
  19. Seth
  20. Erin (welcome!)

We are able to hang portraits simultaneously in locations that do not require the panels, so if you know of schools, libraries, non-profits, businesses, healthcare facilities who might host a display of 1-20 portraits that you could help facilitate, let me know.

Upcoming press includes the April issue of Northshore Magazine, and it sounds like Fox 25 might be doing a piece from the South Shore Plaza exhibit.

Enjoy these last cold days of winter!

Thank you Amy Kerr

I Am More Founder/Artist


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