Nearing the finish line – @JEKS-NC spray paint lobster mural on Main Street #GloucesterMA #ActionInc #NorthShoreCDC #PuntoUrbanArtMuseum


@Urban.Art.Museum (Punto Urban Art Museum insta)

JEKS Mural commissioned for Harbor Village apartment building, 2021, NorthShoreCDC development, founder Punto Urban Art Museum.

Views four days on – from Rose Baker (forgot this one in this morning’s post)

Gloucester Mural Map |

The Rhumb Line opens this week with live music five days a week Wednesday-Sunday 6.9.2021 ~ Closed Monday and Tuesday

The Rhumb Line Music schedule this week

Wed; Fly Amero & guest Bradley Royds 6-9pm

Thursday: Dave sag’s Blues night featuring world famous Gordon ” sax” Beadle 6-9pm

dave sags

Friday Local 7-10

Saturday: Groove Therapy 6;30 -10 pm

Sunday: Allen Estes & Mike O’Connell 6-9pm

BTW : our AC is working great

Check out the calendar!

Fred Shrigley says,
If you are coming to the Rhumb Line be aware that most of Washington St is under construction and parking is impossible after 8am in the morning…cones are everywhere. I will see if the construction crews can remove the cones after they are finished their day’s work. In the meantime:

Plenty of parking a short walk away at the MBTA parking lot which is free at night and mostly empty

#JEKS gilded lobster Main Street spray paint mural #GloucesterMA

JEKS Mural commissioned for Harbor Village apartment building, 2021

Views four days on – from Main, Rogers, and Chestnut Streets; Walgreens lot; Rose Baker and Gorton’s; with City Hall Tower and industry.

Gloucester Mural Map |