What’s going on out there? — pat morss

It started today at 3:30 AM when we were woken up by a loud crunching sound, followed shortly by someone yelling “Call the Coast Guard,” which we did.

At 7:00 AM American Cruise Line’s American Constitution came into Gloucester for at least the fourth time this season, went back out around 10 AM, and appeared to have some problem while doing 360’s, before returning to the harbor. She just headed out again toward Provincetown at 5:00 PM.

Trawler on the rocks outside our house
She eventually was able to back off, before the Coast Guard had to render assistance
American Constitution arrived early morning
She had some kind of trouble when going back out, later in the morning
She made two full revolutions after I first saw her
It appeared the crew was trying to pull something up in a net
Enlargement of that operation, through the heat distortion
USCG Station Gloucester was standing by, and then returned to the harbor
Followed by American Constitution