Adventureman: Running America by Our Guy Jamie McDonald Is Avaiable for Pre-order Until Launch On August 12

Adventureman: Running America by Jamie McDonald

Praise for Jamie McDonald:“Very impressed by your appetite for pain”
Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex
‘Inspiring… incredible’Sir Steve Redgrave
“Extremely Tough”Sir Ranulph Fiennes
In 2018, Jamie McDonald embarked on his greatest adventure yet: running the equivalent of 210 marathons, solo and unsupported, coast to coast across America. An impressive feat for anyone, let alone someone who was told as a child they might never walk again.
Running through 22 states, Jamie battled 50-degree heat in desolate deserts, dodged rattlesnakes and mountain lions, had several near-death encounters and suffered an injury that  left him no choice but to run 300 miles barefoot. Oh, and he did it all dressed in his superhero suit as his alter ego, Adventureman, running to raise funds for sick children.
Though his journey was mentally and physically exhausting, America gave him the surprise of a lifetime, and the heart-warming kindness and generosity he encountered along the way gave  him that glimmer of hope he needed to persevere against all odds. 
And as if that wasn’t enough, Jamie then took on one of his most demanding challenges to date – one which would require him to dig deep to find the secret of resilience, as he attempted to smash one of the toughest world records on the planet – the greatest distance run on a treadmill in one week. He successfully ran 524 miles (10 miles more than the previous record), running  all day and most of the night for a week!

Explore the beautiful landscape of Cape Ann with Gloucester artist Loren Doucette in the “Taking Liberties on the Landscape: An Expressive Plein Air Workshop”

Explore the beautiful landscape of Cape Ann with Gloucester artist Loren Doucette in the “Taking Liberties on the Landscape: An Expressive Plein Air Workshop” on Tuesdays, July 6-27 from 9:30 am-12:30 pm. Learn more and register at


Great clouds

Gloucester High School.

Grand entrance while the other lobby and entrance construction is underway.

The entrance on the other side will be closed (BEFORE reno photo below). Temporarily. Ditto the city’s Albert Bachelor Civil War-era coat which must be safeguarded so it’s not damaged during construction. This textile was used to teach a tangible expression of agency and grit.

Gloucester author in the field: Deborah Cramer on a shorebird story of the century featured in the New York Times #LetsGoDeveaux

Still from video [Matt Aeberhard and Andy Johnson Cornell Lab of Ornithology] accompanying interactive feature for NY Times [graphics by Gus Wezerek, design by Ana Becker], written by Deborah Cramer

“AFTER THE 2014 DISCOVERY, Ms. Sanders returned to the bank again and again over the next few years. She determined that when twilight and spring’s highest tides coincided, whimbrels began arriving on the island en masse. In May 2019, she assembled a team to count the birds. They began late one afternoon as the sun was setting. Long lines of whimbrels streamed onto Deveaux, the flocks extending as far up the river and south over the ocean as they could see. When darkness halted their work, they still heard the murmuring calls and rustling wings of incoming birds. On a night when a clear sky and a nearly full moon bathed the island in light, they counted 20,000 birds — half of the entire Atlantic population.

To understand why so many whimbrels gather on Deveaux and what makes the island vital to their migration, the scientists needed to know where the birds went during the day and how they used the island at night.’

Deborah Cramer, New York Times
Fantastic interactive journalism featuring shorebird discovery in South Carolina

New York Times article here

Videos accompanying interactive NY Times feature by Matt Aeberhard and Andy Johnson / Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Author Deborah Cramer

Resides and works in Gloucester, Ma.

Visiting Scholar, Environmental Solutions Initiative – MIT

Great Waters: An Atlantic Passage (W.W. Norton)

Smithsonian Ocean: Our Water Our World (Harper Collins/Smithsonian Books)

The Narrow Edge: A Tiny Bird, an Ancient Crab, and an Epic Journey  (Yale University Press) 

  •      National Academy of Sciences Best Book
  •      Society of Environmental Journalists Rachel Carson Book Award
  •      Volando a Orillas del Mar: El viaje épico de un ave playera que une continentes  (Vázquez Mazzini, Buenos Aires)
  •     绝境 (Commercial Press, Beijing)

Liz Frame joins Fly Amero this Wednesday @ The Rhumb Line. 6-9pm 6.23.2021

Dinner Specials Each Week!
Wednesday, June 23… 6pm start

My Musical Guest: LIZ FRAME!

This week, we feature one of my all-time favorite musical guests.

The amazing Liz Frame.  Every bit as smart and sassy as any songwriter you’d ever expect to find, with a performance and delivery that backs it all up 1000%.  

We have brother JB to thank for bringing her into the Rhumb Line fold.  He knows “great” when he sees and hears it.  Once again… we go 6 to 9pm. ~ Fly

Dinner with great music!

*Each week features a special, invited musical guest
The Rhumb Line Kitchen……better than ever before!
Plus a fine, affordable wine menu!


6/30 Ron Schrank

7/7 Lisa Marie

7/14 Bill Gleason (w/Ken Steiner) 


Looking forward……to seeing you there 🙂

GloucesterCast 512 Livestream With DJ Logic, Jimmy D, Josh Hays, Scotty Mac and Joey C Livestreaming 6/23/21

GloucesterCast 512 Livestream With DJ Logic, Jimmy D, Josh Hays, Scotty Mac and Joey C Livestreaming 6/23/21

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Bocce Ball

I love the boulevard for so many reasons and we should all be super appreciative to those who take such good care of it. One of its treasures are the bocce ball courts! Sunday was both Father’s Day and Finn’s birthday. After breakfast at the Mile Marker we played a few games of bocce and then went out for ice cream.

Drive to Remember Rally Held by Lyon Waugh Group

The Lyon Waugh Auto Group sponsored a Drive to Remember Rally on Monday June 21 as a fund raiser for the Alzheimer’s Association and the rally ended with a picnic at Stage Fort Park. By all indications, the rally was a great success giving drivers the opportunity to participate and showcase their vehicles. Even so, it’s never too late to donate. Thank you Warren Waugh and Cidalia Schwartz for your unending efforts on behalf of Alzheimer’s families and caretakers. We saw quite a few familiar faces in the crowd!

Sawyer Free Library’s “Technology on the Horizon” series to host Patrick Flanagan, founder of OceanLab

Cape Ann Community

On Monday, June 28, 6:30-8pm, the SAWYER FREE LIBRARY will present the second talk in their informative series  “TECHNOLOGY ON THE HORIZON,” which spotlights individuals and organizations on the North Shore working with critical or emerging technologies.

Most of the ocean is remote, deep, dark, cold, and extremely high pressure. So how do we help more people explore it?

Join PATRICK FLANAGAN, founder and director of OceanLab, in a virtual discussion of technologies that make exploration of the ocean more accessible to all. Learn about the evolution of technologies that allow organizations like OceanLab dive deep into deepest depths of our oceans. 

Click HERE to register to receive the Zoom link for the live presentation.

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