Nearing the finish line – @JEKS-NC spray paint lobster mural on Main Street #GloucesterMA #ActionInc #NorthShoreCDC #PuntoUrbanArtMuseum


@Urban.Art.Museum (Punto Urban Art Museum insta)

JEKS Mural commissioned for Harbor Village apartment building, 2021, NorthShoreCDC development, founder Punto Urban Art Museum.

Views four days on – from Rose Baker (forgot this one in this morning’s post)

Gloucester Mural Map |

#JEKS gilded lobster Main Street spray paint mural #GloucesterMA

JEKS Mural commissioned for Harbor Village apartment building, 2021

Views four days on – from Main, Rogers, and Chestnut Streets; Walgreens lot; Rose Baker and Gorton’s; with City Hall Tower and industry.

Gloucester Mural Map |

JEKS golden lobster mural – view from Gorton’s Rogers St. #GloucesterMA #GloucesterMurals

Artist Brian Lewis, aka JEKS, gold lobster mural for Harbor Village, work in progress as of 6/6/2021.

Views from Gorton’s, Rogers St. and Main.

Gloucester Mural Map | Gloucester public art

One day in – new Jeks One (lobster?) mural on Harbor Village apartment building #GloucesterMA

This morning feeling an intricate hyperrealist & abstract nocturne, sort of mutant sci-fi, toxic-regal, lobster-crustacean-hybrid clone, with a hint of greed. A bit Alexis Rockman vibe. You?

Look up when you’re downtown!

photos of new JEKS mural in progress- views from Rogers St, up from Main and Chestnut: C. Ryan

Gloucester murals | public art

Alexis Rockman at PEM

If you missed the Alexis Rockman: Shipwrecks exhibition at PEM (on view just a month), there’s another chance at Guild Hall June 12 – July 26

installation views/details Alexis Rockman Shipwrecks at PEM May 2021: C. Ryan