Alicia Unleashed- Thanksgivingsode


Episode 103!

It’s the 5th Annual Thanksgivingsode! And we are within Zoom limits! We talk about how Tyler has finally shunned us! On all episodes of episodes!!!!

We talk about what’s happening in Gloucester for Holiday Shopping for Small Business Saturday, Ladies Night and Men’s Night. BSide highly recommends stopping by Turtle Alley for their Advent Calendar.

Shoutouts to Downtown shops:
VIP Fitness-Enza Groppo
Stones Pub (come back soon).

Bossman Joey got new studio lighting! And using Fiverr…Where you at John Jerome with ours? Do we need to call Neon 90s or Chris Grice? Don’t worry B doesn’t have blackmail, but she does know roommates of some of you! Shoutout to Parsons of Neon90s for our disclaimer on our last episode!

We talk about our Thanksgiving Tshirts (thanks HippieRunner). Also shoutout to Saturday Morning Pancakes. Talk about our Thursday Plans and what may or may not happen?

Bside gave approval for Xmas to be celebrated and decorated early! Peter on the other hand said no! However Alicia started listening to Music on November 1st, Even B got a few songs in.

We talk about what we are thankful for (where Alicia almost kills B). Also we are thankful for our Home Gyms?! Thank you Obe Fitness and Beachbody!

See you soon, on the Zooms!






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