Alicia Unleashed -The Return of the Mo’ bros

Episode 102!

Listener Discretion is advised for this one. We said it in our opener but we must repeat, the Cast of Alicia Unleashed and our Guests are NOT medical/psychological professionals.


IT’S OUR ANNUAL VISIT WITH THE MO’BROS, Ben Cannon, Geoff Turke and Tom Leard!


We catch up with the guys and talk about what has happened in the last year since we left Tom’s dining room table! 3 Weddings, Baptisms, New Jobs, 18 month olds, 17 month olds and of course we talk about Zooming!

Just like the past 2 years sitting down with the ‘Bros, we discuss Men’s Health and the Movember Movement. This year being the year it is, the ‘Bros and the Movember Movement have focused more on Awareness and Mental Health Awareness and we get iiiiiiiiiiiin to it!

We discuss what it is like to be part of a movement that is about Awareness of Prostate & Testicular Cancers and Male Depression as it is raising funds for programs to assist with awareness in a PANDEMIC! (unsure if you guys knew we were in one).

In true Alicia Unleashed fashion, WE TALK ABOUT BALLS (and self exploration…probably the best moment in 102 episodes)!

If there is anything you do this week, give it a listen or give the website a look (or give this episode a like or a share).

Here are some resources that were discussed in this episode. If you or someone you know are struggling, please reach out to one of these numbers or sites. There is no shame in asking for help, these guys will attest to this. Also give these guys a dollar or two (if you can).


Text HOME to 741741 to connect to a Crisis Counselor
Call 800-273-TALK -National Suicide Prevetion Lifeline
Call 800-799-SAFE-National Domestic Violence Hotline

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