The Monday night Jam live with Dennis and Joe 8pm on Facebook 11.9.2020

We are PSYCHED for our super duper fantastical lineup for tonight!! Hope to see you, Jamily!!

Remember!- REFRESH your page after each live set so you ensure catching each player live! Don’t worry – I’ll pop up and remind you! 😉 and if you’re feeling generous, Joe and I would be most grateful if you dropped a coin in our virtual tip jar so we can keep this ship afloat! Thank you!! See you very soon!! 🤘🏼


Here’s our lineup for tonight!

Mike Verge & Dylan Verge– 8:00-8:15

Luke Conlin– 8:20-8:40

Amanda Cook– 8:45-9:00

Renee Dupuis& Joe Cardoza& Dennis Monagle– 9:05-9:25

John Newcomer– 9:30-9:45

Jesse Ciarmataro– 9:50-10:10

*virtual tip jar to keep the Jam rolling:

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