I hope that you enjoy the second post in this series from the Annisqum Historical Society’s Notes and Findings.

See Post #1, The Lobsterman Cometh and the Bugs Goeth, here

This is such a wonderful glimpse into the Annisquam Historical Society’s extensive collection of photographs dating back to the days of glass plate negatives.

Take some time and view their impressive collection here: annisquamhistoricalsociety.org

I am very grateful to David W. Teele & Betsey B. Horovitz for sharing this information with us. I am hopeful that they may continue to share some of their findings and extensive research.  What a joy it is to see these images and take this trip back in time.

What is a cunner net, and why do you need one?

We hold many images of men lobstering from dories; virtually every image shows a metal hoop net with a bail. Even the image below, in which somebody is posing for aspiring artists, shows the net (as well as, apparently, a diving board on the nearby float). The model sports a handsome moustache plus a white shirt, collar, necktie, and vest, uncommon apparel for a working lobsterman. He may well have been a fellow artist…. Read more in the PDF screen grabs below

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