Who are the Historic Women Trailblazers of Massachusetts?

Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism readied a new digital publication for the historic women trailblazers trail. Check it out!

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news from MOTT:

August 26, 2020 commemorated the 100th Anniversary of the signing of the 19th Amendment granting women the right to vote. This historic anniversary of suffrage was the perfect time to celebrate our Massachusetts Foremothers, more than 70 amazing women whose contributions to the Commonwealth, the nation and the world are unparalleled and who are recognized as “Trailblazers” in their fields. Click here to learn about the stories of these remarkable women and their ties to Massachusetts, The Woman Suffrage Movement, commemorative sculptures and statues at the Massachusetts State House, the significance of the Sunflower, the Colors of Suffrage and much more!

Classes cancelled for the week of Sept.7th Nia with Linda and restorative yoga

Cape Ann Wellness

Hi all,

My husband who has been battling metastatic cancer has been admitted to the Kaplan Hospice House for a myriad of issues and he seems to be slipping away slowly.  His family are coming this week so I’m not able to do classes this week.

I’ll let you know about next week. Sorry! You know I would rather be dancing!

Thanks to you all for your emails. The nia community has been so supportive of me. I’m so grateful to have you all in my life 

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Jennifer McCalmont Solo Show at RAA&M

Jennifer McCalmont is a recognized Cape Ann artist with a solo show of stunning floral and landscape paintings at the Rockport Art Association & Museum in the Marguerite Pearson Gallery. McCalmont is in love with color and captivated by the way light and color play on objects, especially flowers, which are her favorite subject.  Her work is about capturing the grace or fragrance of flowers and sharing their beauty through painting.  

In her quest for art training, McCalmont discovered “The Boston School” of painters, which is not actually a school, but a school of thought and a tradition of painting that has been passed down from teacher to student for more than 100 years. The Boston School has its roots in impressionist ideals, but combines the best of representational painting, seeing color correctly and drawing accurately. McCalmont has learned from many of the Boston school “greats”, most recently spending many years studying portrait painting with Mary Minifie.  

Come and experience McCalmont’s beautiful and memorable floral and landscapes paintings in person September 12 – October 1, 2020. Concurrently her exhibit will also be available online at: https://www.rockportartassn.org/solo-shows where his works can be enjoyed and purchased.  

The Rockport Art Association & Museum is located at 12 Main Street, Rockport MA 01966, and is free and open to the public Thursday – Sunday, 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM. For more information please call: (978) 546-6604, email: infor@rockportartassn.org, or visit the Rockport Art Association & Museum website at:www.rockportartassn.org.   

Unexpected Osprey Sighting

We were driving up the highway on our way to meet our newborn grandson when we saw a large nest in an unexpected place. It turned out to be an osprey nest with 2 birds in it, squawking away to beat the band.

I was so delighted to find these unexpected osprey that I decided the check the Essex Greenbelt Osprey Cam one more time to see if “Liz” was still hanging around and (to my surprise) yes! There is still an osprey in the Lobsta Land nest as you will see below, also seemingly squawking!

A 2020 Thank You To Fred Bodin From A 2012 Sharon Lowe GMG Post

Read to the bottom to see how it all unfolds and pay attention to the timestamps.

Steve Cobb says:

Dear Fredrik: I am Diana’s husband Steve, still in AZ except for our hearts, which we left in Boston & Cape Ann, specifically Eastern Point in East Gloucester where we had our summer home for nearly 30 years. We spent our 1-night honeymoon at the Sandpiper September 3, 1972, and she surprised me w/your photos last week for our 48th anniversary. We’re both very glad that prompted our discovering GMG and sure appreciate the effort you put into this!

This is a reply to Fred’s comments on a Sharon Lowe post from 2012. Scroll down to read the post and pay attention to the dates on the comments that the post inspired :

Even when we pass people far and wide are touched by our contributions to Good Morning Gloucester. I’m sure Fred is smiling down from heaven knowing he is still touching people’s lives. Fred passed in August 2015 but his comments on this post live on in the pages of GMG.


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Posted on  by Sharon

The Cape Hedge Inn, Land’s End, Rockport, circa 1950 Don Felt/©Fredrik D. BodinThe Cape Hedge Inn was located at the end of South Street in Rockport, between Cape Hedge and Pebble Beaches. Across the street was the over flow guest house, and the little shack to the right of it was a hot dog stand. In the later 1950s and 1960s, the inn was called the Sandpiper by its new owners. Sadly, the Sandpiper burned in 1978. All that remains is a crumbled foundation.

The Cape Hedge Inn, Land’s End, Rockport, 1954 Anonymous/Fredrik D. BodinAerial printed archivally from the original 4×5 inch film negative in my darkroom. Image #a9245-578Sandpiper Inn printed digitally from a post card.Fred

Fredrik D. BodinBodin Historic Photo82 Main StreetGloucester, MA 01930info@BodinHistoricPhoto.comLike us on Facebook- http://www.facebook.com/BodinHistoricPhoto978-283-2524

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  1. kimsmithdesigns says:I love these old photos, along with the accompanying history,-thank you for sharing!!! What a fabulous place for an Inn. I’ve always dreamed of owning (and decorating) an early 20th-centruy-stone-and shingle-style inn at the windswept water’s edge–think of all the characters, and ideal setting, for a series of mystery novels–I’m inspired just lookin at these photos.LikeReply
  3. The Roving Home says:Every time I walk there I check out the old foundation and wonder what the building looked like. Now I know – thanks for posting this.LikeReply
  4. Anonymous says:Thanks for posting this photo, I live down the street and heard there was an Inn there, too bad it burned down. It was a magnificent building.LikeReply
  5. cape anner says:Thanks for the photo.
    Isn’t that close to where the first Trans-Atlantic cable came ashore?LikeReply
    1. Fredrik Bodin says:Yes, the Cable House is the first house you see on the water to the right of the Cape Hedge Inn.LikeReply
  6. cape anner says:Do you have a photo of the OLD Turks Head Inn? That burned down too.LikeReply
  7. Fredrik Bodin says:Yes again. I have photos of the two previous Turks Head Inns.LikeReply
  8. Fredrik Bodin says:I was asked by a GMG reader if the Sandpiper had a dining room. She thinks she may have eaten there in 1975. Anyone know?LikeReply
    1. Paul F. Frontiero Jr. says:My brother was a dishasher there. so i ASSume they did.LikeReply
  9. Fredrik Bodin says:I’ve confirmed from three different sources (including Paul Frontiero Jr.and Arley Pett) that the Sandpiper had a dining room. Jim Bates of Rockport worked in the kitchen there as a 15 year old for dinner service, and his sister worked there for breakfast. He particularly remembers deveining great quantities of shrimp for their famous shrimp scampi.The dining room was open to the public, seated more than 100, and was always packed for dinner. Jim also ran the hot dog stand. Today, two of the Sandpiper’s dining room tables are in his house. There you go– she did eat there in 1975.LikeReply
  10. Fred Bodin says:Last night I received a thank you email from the GMG reader who requested the Sandpiper information: “I’ve always tried to figure out what that restaurant was and no one seemed to know. I remember it was lovely and the view was beautiful. I do remember that it was very busy that night. Thanks again for finding my memory.”LikeReply
  11. Fredrik Bodin says:Today I got a phone call from Diana in Arizona. She spent her honeymoon there! People have great visual memories.LikeReply
  12. Steve Cobb says:Dear Fredrik: I am Diana’s husband Steve, still in AZ except for our hearts, which we left in Boston & Cape Ann, specifically Eastern Point in East Gloucester where we had our summer home for nearly 30 years. We spent our 1-night honeymoon at the Sandpiper September 3, 1972, and she surprised me w/your photos last week for our 48th anniversary. We’re both very glad that prompted our discovering GMG and sure appreciate the effort you put into this!