And there you have it. The Gran Prix Of…

Gloucester Beverly.

Ouch. Best of luck to our friends that ran the Gran Prix and congratulations City of Beverly. You scored yourself a World Class Event!

A smile path helps wildlife.

Walk around or pause if you can. We’re lucky to have tiny shorebirds visit beaches during fall migration.

Deborah Cramer describes impact of shorebird disturbances (specifically to red knots)

(Red knots) “feed amid congestion, constantly interrupted by the commotion of off-road vehicles, dogs and people. Forced to take flight repeatedly, they lose precious refueling time. Minutes lost during one ebb tide on one day accumulate into hour upon hour as the season continues. So many times I’d walk the beaches at home, unconsciously flushing flocks of sandpipers at the tide line, taking pleasure as they circled out over the water and then landed farther down the beach, never thinking that disturbing them might make a difference.” 

Deborah Cramer The Narrow Edge

photo below: Sanderlings, semipalmated plovers and semipalmated sandpipers dashing along Long Beach 9/22/2020. Dogs rushing at the birds flush them 100%. Wider smile path with your pet can really help. Ditto looking ahead before tossing a ball inadvertently in the direction of a flock. They’re hard to see. If you spot them and have time, pause to enjoy the tiny touch down marvels. The increase August-October is migration.

Re-Discover Magnolia in the Autumn

When was the last time you came to Lexington Ave?

Sherry’s Corner Cafe
Beauport Hearing Care
Magnolia 525 Tavern
The Magnolia Pub
Shackteau Interiors
Magnolia Community Farmers Market
All Purpose Flowers
Magnolia Library and Community Center
Arts Abound Magnolia

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Russell Orchards in the Fall

We supported a couple of small local businesses in recognition of Small Business Week (ok, we were going to these places anyhow because we love them and it just so happens to be Small Business Week……) Lunch at Sherry’s with our friend Donna Ardizzoni and husband Rick: wonderful and cozy as always! Then off to Russell Orchards to see what’s new for the fall. We came home with quite a treasure trove of goodies including cider and donuts. But it’s also apple picking time so there were lots of families. Pumpkins are plentiful so we know autumn has arrived. We also brought home a variety of New England Hard Ciders and will report on those in a few days! We;ve seen the Darryl Length advisement previously, but it’s well worth repeating.

Final Week of Savour Grand Wine Tasting



5-days remaining to schedule a private, complimentary, in-store “Kiosk Tasting”,along with our virtual online tasting enjoyed from home. New curated wines, New videos.

Final Week of the Kiosk Grand Tasting- Tues.,Sept. 22 to Sat. Sept. 26 – between noon and 5PM, we are scheduling private, complimentary tastings every half-hour, 30-minutes devoted to tasting up to 20 bottles from our digital kiosk, the option to acquire choice wines.

To reserve your private, complimentary tastingcall Kathleen & Courtney @ 978.282.1455.
-Welcoming one customer or a couple at a time for the kiosk tasting in Savour.

Savour is open to all customerswearing masks, practicing social distancing, 6’ storewide, Tues. – Sat., 11-6.

-View 5 New Wine Presenter
-See 25 new, curated wine selections from:Casey Gruttadauri…

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Captain Joe and Sons Wholesale Lobster Company

When there’s a coastal storm inevitably there’s going to be damage done to the lobster gear.

This buoy belongs on one end of a trawl containing a string of lobster traps. Traps can cost from $60-$125 each.

The trawl that belongs to this buoy is most likely missing costing the lobsterman it belongs to a pile of money to replace.

Here’s teh uncropped version:

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Fight Free Radical Damage and Visibly Reduce Fine Lines!

Cape Ann Wellness

Scientists now believe that free radical damage is one of the major players in aging—especially the skin. Free radicals are atoms that have lost an electron and are caused by a variety of environmental factors such as smog, dust, cigarette smoke, and the sun. In an attempt to fix themselves, free radicals attempt to grab electrons from atoms in the skin, causing damage to the skin’s DNA, which results in accelerated aging of the skin.

Antioxidantsare the best defense against free radical damage, with research indicating that they help fight against free radicals and reduce the signs of skin again. With CBD’santioxidant properties, CBD-infused anti-aging creams have the potential to visibly reduce fine lines, wrinkles, skin dullness and redness characteristic of aging skin.

Our CBD infused Hyaluronic acid serum, Angel Face, or North East Kingdom Hemp Rose CBD Facial Oil are both great ways to refresh your skin and fight…

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