Lawn Project Report: Day 6

Kate and Jimmy did a ton of prep work aerating, raking and laying out new topsoil to the area that was previously home to some enormous overgrown hedges that were out of control.

I finished up the following day with the second section and laid new seed into the topsoil we got at Wolf Hill.

Here’s that timelapse video from six days ago:

Everything I’ve read says patience and watering would be the rule of thumb for the next steps. That we wouldn’t see any results for 7 days or so.

Day 1:

Anxious would be the word to describe the past 6 days, wondering if our first attempt at establishing a new lawn from seed would pay off.

Well it’s day six and we finally have some grass seed germinating!!!

Very exciting watching the grass grow I must say!

FALL 2020 Youth Acting Workshop Students to Perform New Plays Written by Young Playwrights Workshop Students



Although we won’t be able to have students in the theatre this fall, classes will still be held online for 2 hours a week.  We are embracing this new format by producing seven online performances using the 2020 Young Playwrights selections. All students in the Fall Youth Acting Workshop will rehearse and perform these exciting new plays.  “This is such a great opportunity for both our young actors and young playwrights!” according to GSC Education Director Heidi Dallin, ” Following the tremendous success of the virtual production of Tyler Dwiggins’ SubText  we produced this summer in the NeverDark season featuring our teen students, producing our young playwrights work and featuring students from the acting program seemed like a perfect merging of talents. These young actors get the opportunity to create characters in world premiere plays and the playwrights get the opportunity for their plays to be produced! So exciting!!” 

Gloucester Stage Youth Acting Workshops is a professional training program designed to provide young people with an outlet to nurture their creative potential through developing self-confidence, communication and teamwork skills to use in their daily life as well as introducing them to the skills necessary for professional theater.

A thrilling lineup of seven short plays written during the Young Playwrights Workshop will be performed online by this Fall Acting Class. Starting with an audition bootcamp and including classes in mastering dialects, script analysis from the page to the zoom stage, vocal production and acting for the zoom stage , this fast-paced rehearsal and instruction schedule fits into just six weeks before the students’ filmed performance.

The Performance Workshop runs October 5 through November 12:  Mondays and Thursdays from 4:00 – 5:00pm on zoom. The Workshop is open to all students under 18 years old. Reduced Price Tuition of $145 (regularly $250). Scholarships available for those with financial need.Led by Education Director Heidi Dallin and welcoming guest directors and former GSC apprentices: Danvers’ Sarah Vandewalle, Newburyport’s Alexis Rappaport and Kentucky’s Liana Genoud as well as Gloucester’s Billy Burgoyne and Newburyport’s Stephen Faria.

The seven plays chosen for the Fall Showcase of New Plays were written during the GSC Young Playwrights Workshop taught by Newburyport’s Deirdre Girard in June. A selection committee read the record-breaking number of plays submitted by the young playwrights for the Fall Showcase and the top 7 plays were selected for production.

The plays selected are: 

DEATH BY …. by Jackson Altieri

7 MINUTES     by Naia Gibson

CATS GOT TALENT by Nathan Gorman-Melo

STUCK IN SPACE   by Scarlet Lee


ALLEGIANCE by Morgan Reilly

CHOOSING TO TALK by James WestRegistration is now open to participate in the Performance Workshop. Limited Availability.   To register, go to
For further information, contact Heidi at 978-283-6688

Keith Gantos Solo Show at RAA&M

Keith Gantos 

Keith Gantos is a recognized Cape Ann artist with a solo show coming up at the Rockport Art Association & Museum in the Marguerite Pearson Gallery. He has produced hundreds of pieces of oil paintings for over 50 years. Gantos completed his first oil painting at age ten. He enjoys working in other mediums as well, such as egg tempera, pastel, gouache, and watercolor. He has been exhibiting his artwork his entire life, won several awards, has been published, and continues to be in shows as outlined below.  

His work resides in private collections throughout the United States and in other parts of the world.  

Select exhibition and gallery representation:  

Artist for ‘Artistic Finishes’ Co., Cleveland, Ohio; La Jolla Art Museum, La Jolla, CA; Lloyd’s Gallery of Fine Art, Escondido, CA; Chaffe Art Gallery, Rutland, VT; Eastmans Art Gallery, Rutland, VT; Quechee Inn Art Gallery, Quechee, VT; (one man show); Ledyard Art Gallery, Hanover, NH – (one man show); Polonaise Fine Art Gallery, Studio 47 Fine Art Gallery, Woodstock, VT; Bradley Fine Art Gallery, San Diego, CA; Spanish Village Art Center – Balboa Park, San Diego, CA; Pastel Society of San Diego, CA; Keith Gantos’ “Staircase” Fine Art Gallery , Rockport, MA; Rockport Art Association & Museum, Rockport, MA  

Come and experience his stunning paintings in person October 3 -22, 2020. Concurrently his exhibit will also be available online at: where his works can be enjoyed and purchased.  

The Rockport Art Association & Museum is located at 12 Main Street, Rockport MA 01966, and is free and open to the public Thursday – Sunday, 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM. For more information please call: (978) 546-6604, email:, or visit the Rockport Art Association & Museum website at:   

Cam Newton On @TheGregHillShow Saying ALLLL the Right Things!

The Homie Cast

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Crane Beach Called and We Answered

We were able to visit Crane Beach a few days ago. It was one of those days when there was lots of wave action, so the kids were having a grand time in the water under the watchful eyes of their parents. It’s been a bit difficult to get one of their daily passes this summer even with a membership and parking pass, so I was gratified to note members are promised an additional three months next year upon renewal. Very clever! And appreciated.

I put my feet in the water; it is so soothing, I can’t help myself. I looked back upon my own footprints in the sand.

“Sometimes even a thousand waves hitting the shore continuously one after the other also can’t erase few footprints on the seashore.”
― Akshay Vasu, The Abandoned Paradise: Unraveling the beauty of untouched thoughts and dreams

The most frustrating playoff basketball I’ve ever seen mercifully concluded last night with a Celtics loss.

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Does this pre-game speech from Brad Stevens make you want to run through a brick wall for this team or what? An elimination game and there’s no hype, no sense of urgency. I’m so disappointed. Credit to Miami, but the basketball we’ve seen in the last two series from Boston was the most frustrating basketball I’ve ever watched. I’ve never seen such a hard time making what should be easy buckets at the rim. Lazy three point shooting instead of trying to work the ball inside #brutal #Celtics

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Lowering Blood Pressure Naturally With CBD!

Cape Ann Wellness

Thanks to a growing body of research into the health benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) and other cannabinoids, a picture is beginning to emerge of the numerous biological processes that are influenced by these incredible compounds. Additionally, scientists are starting to realize that many of these processes follow daily cycles, which means that using cannabinoids at different times of the day or night can have a major impact on their efficiency. Accordingly, new research shows that taking CBD just before bed significantly increases its capacity to lower blood pressure and treat hypertension.

Harnessing The Body Clock

At the cutting edge of medicine is a relatively new and incredibly exciting modality called chronotherapy, which takes into account the body’s natural rhythms in order to ensure that medications are administered at the most appropriate time of the day. Also known as the circadian rhythm, the body’s daily ebb and flow is produced by…

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