Wooden Sail Boat Seeking Winter Home

We have a wooden sailboat built in 1950 that we have restored, maintained and sailed for 25 years. Over the last two years we replaced the plank keel, sternpost, dead wood, stem and bowsprit. Finally we are on the water again!

We love Cape Anne (one of our crew grew up in Gloucester) and hope to store our boat here and do our yearly spring work of sanding, painting, varnishing and small repairs. We need room to put up staging and store our mast, booms and dinghy. The boat is 34 feet on deck (plus bowsprit and boomkin), with a 50 foot mast. 

We’d like to find someone who has a boat or boats and room for one more on their land. Or has a workshop with outdoor space. Or a boatyard/boatbuilder with enough room. (Most boat yards have many boats and space is limited for DIY maintenance). We would also consider buying a piece of land with water and electricity.

Over the past many years we have been lucky enough to share boatshops and have been called “low wake people”. We are very neat, and considerate. We would of course pay storage fees (to be determined) and are open to the possibility of sharing the use of the boat, with an experienced sailor, as part of the exchange. We are hoping to haul out at the end of September. We would appreciate any names, places, and or ideas: 

Contact Paul at plind@earthlink.net

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