Word of Beauport Cocktails Is Widespread

We blogged recently about our short staycation at the Beauport Hotel, and my posts about that visit included a “Margarita Monday” shot of the Beauport’s Baya Dulce margarita. This margarita so enchanted a college friend (now living in Colorado) that she contacted the Beauport for some guidance on how to prepare the same recipe for her own enjoyment. Gail, a bartender at the Beauport, obliged so Kristin made her own 2020 version of the Beauport’s Baya Dulce. As Concierge Bob stated, imitation is a sincere form of flattery. Never mind baking bread.  I’m all for exporing new cocktail recipes! Here’s Kristin’s:


Outstanding, right? Company came to town and I wanted to share this story with Beauport staff so we stopped for lunch and Baya Dulces. Baked haddock, blackened shrimp tacos, chicken sandwich and blue cheese burger……..oh, so wonderful! Special thanks to Concierge Bob and Gail for taking the time to talk to us and allowing us to share the story. 

One thought on “Word of Beauport Cocktails Is Widespread

  1. Please keep me posted on more Margarita Monday cocktails so I can recreate here in hot, smokey Colorado…before the snow flies please! Loved, loved, loved the Baya Dulce and my thanks to the crew there! Yum. As my friends said…”It’s a KEEPER!!!!”


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