Architectural plans for the Cape Ann Museum curatorial center at White Ellery property by the Babson house

Signs of clearing for the exciting Cape Ann Museum addition for a curatorial center on the White-Ellery property January 2019 Gloucester, Massachusetts

Enjoy comparing plans and photos plus a link to a higher resolution PDF of new groundscape single page from the architectural plans

cape ann museum curatorial archives center white ellery campus


babson house next to white ellery barn and new cape ann museum curatorial and archives center_20190127_© catherine ryan

behind and around babson clearing for cape ann museum_ new fence_20190127_© catherine ryan

today new fence and visibility (above) vs google (below) old fence & more overgrowth…there is forsythia along there

google still showing old fence and overgrowth.jpg

cape ann museum clearing for archive curatorial center _20190127_© catherine ryan
from Poplar (Babson straight back, White Ellery and Barn to the right)
from poplar side_gravel access_new sewer_cape ann museum_20190127_© catherine ryan
Poplar (gravel access)

Model build | Cape Ann Museum NEW art archives collection center, and White Ellery

I think Gloucester’s stunning Stacy Boulevard will soon be joined by another smart custom build. Cape Ann Museum estimates that a new collection center that’s climate controlled, accessible to the public, and programmable is estimated to cost 3 million and be finished in about a year.  Wow!

Read more details in Ray Lamont’s wonderful coverage, Cape Ann Museum renovating barn, Building Collection Center, Gloucester Daily Times December 20, 2018

cape ann museum new archives center white ellery cpa ray lamont gloucester daily times

A wintry blue sky and fresh fallen snow — and knowing the magic of what’s to come!– lent a touch of Maxfield Parrish to the White Ellery site. The blue Community Preservation (CPA) sign reflects new work on the barn.

white ellery cpa maxifeld parrish_20190122_© c ryan

vs November 9, 2018



Camilla MacFadyen: The White-Ellery Farm Project

Camilla MacFadyen: The White-Ellery Farm Project

Saturday, August 6 from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

245 Washington Street, Gloucester, MA


"… have you noticed on the pole on the corner of your house a big red mark? Well that is a sign that ‘human beings live here’ and I remember that no one went from our door hungry."

From the diary of Ida Beaman Falk, 1892-197?

The White Ellery Farm Project is a collaborative piece about history, community and our agrarian roots. It is an art/history "happening", gathering artists and farmers together to bring spirit and community back to the old farm. Join friends and neighbors for a community pot luck with food given by the plentiful home gardens of Cape Ann. If possible, bring an old family recipe or a salad from your garden to share. Take this opportunity to sit with and meet the people in your community and learn about this precious historic farm.

Inside the historic house, Camilla MacFadyen will show her large collograph printed silk landscapes along with an exhibit of photographs of the old farm and an audio diary. Shep Abbott’s film More precious than Gold, a historical documentary on the early settlers of Cape Ann, will play continuously throughout the day. Outside,there will be a small Farmers Market with goods and produce for sale from local farms including the Alprilla Farm in Essex, and the Riverdale Youth Garden in Gloucester.