A Couple Of Months In A Lobster Trap Has This Fresh Kill Deer Head Clean As A Whistle And Ready For Mounting!

A month and a half in-

Three months-

Thanks Trapper for the photos. #masterhunter

Timeline from Trapper:

“Harvested him with my bow beginning of Nov. Got him back from butcher and put him in trap 11/11/19 . The middle pic was 1/15/20 Took it out today clean as a whistle”

Sandy Point State Reservation

Sandy Point State Reservation is at the end of Parker River Wildlife Refuge.

The reason the sand is purple is due to quartz and manganese garnet deposits from the nearby hills that washed down to create the purple colors and is most visible after storms.


Sista Felicia and Her Cummares Featured On The @ItalianAmerican Podcast Listen Here-

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Commercial Solar Investment Explained With Tim Sanborn (write in your questions)

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Ice Castles

While up in New Hampshire this past week for part of school vacation, we took a trip to see Ice Castles in Woodstock.  

While riding on the horse drawn slide ride (an extra that can be purchased) a gentleman visiting from Connecticut said that Ice Castles had far exceeded his expectations.  I would not necessarily go that far, but we did enjoy it.  We loved the short sleigh ride, the slides built into the castles were a fun bonus, and they were definitely pretty.  Be mindful that their is, of course, a snack bar and gift shop….so either leave your $$ in the car…or don’t…depending on how you want to play that.  We did leave our cash in the car and then felt bad saying “no” to the yummy pretzel bites and warm cinnamon buns so had to go back and get some money.

I’m glad we went, but I’m also glad it was just one part of a bigger few days.  I had thought about doing a day trip last month and I think I would have been underwhelmed if that were the case.   If you are in the area, definitely check it out.


Cazeault Solar & Home, based on Cape Ann, just completed its 20th Commercial Solar installation on Cape Ann.

Dr. Rob Russo of Dental Associates and Nate Spencer of Spencer Family Chiropractic, PC joined forces with local home improvement contractor, Cazeault Solar & Home on  the investment of Solar on their building at 321 Washington Street, Gloucester, MA.

Dental Associates and Spencer Family Chiropractic .JPG

They worked on design and installation with Cazeault Solar & Home to reduce their carbon footprint and to reduce their daily electric usage. The solar system is a 24.64 KW size system with best in class all black panels and Enphase Micro-Inverters.

Going solar is a win-win for all.  It’s a great investment from a business perspective looking at the long-term return.  As a father of three children, solar creates a future in a cleaner world.  We are also working with a great local company, which is good for the community.” – states Dr. Russo of Dental Associates.