This little guy gave me a start while out for a walk this afternoon. I was expecting to see a few cute ducks, not an adorable member of the rodent order.

Muskrats do not hibernate in winter. In a year with the more usual colder temperatures, when waterways are frozen over, the muskrat’s activity typically happens underwater and in their shacks, dens, and ice houses, where we are less likely to catch a glimpse.

Muskrats don’t store food in their lodges like Beavers do; they must forage everyday. A Muskrat dives for aquatic plants and can hold its breath for fifteen minutes underwater. Its feet work like paddles and its long tail propels and steers. They also eat fish, frogs, clams, and snails. Muskrats are eaten by minks, weasels, foxes, and hawks.

Trilogic Systems moving to 37 Main Street | 20, 147 (Citizen’s Bank) & 154 Main Street (Santander) available to buy or lease and Fisherman’s Outfitter new space now open #GloucesterMA

Trilogic Systems* is moving from 126 Main Street (next to Main Street Art & Antiques) to the ground floor space at 37 Main Street on the west end, next to Jon Sarkin Fish City Studios into the space last occupied by Rose & Dove Gift Shop.

*”Embedded computing products and services for the military, industrial control and communications markets”

Fisherman’s Outfitter new space OPEN

18 Washington Street

Fisherman's Outfitter now open_20200202_18 Washington Street Gloucester Mass ©c ryan

Building for sale and/or ground floor retail spaces available on Main Street include:

  • 20 Main Street free standing shop available to rent ($3,995/month)
  • 147 Main Street retail building is for sale 5,378 SF $1,590,000 at a 5% Cap Rate with a tenant locked in. Citizen’s Bank renewed its lease.
  • 154 Main Street 12,000 ft’ commercial office space available to lease soon. Santander is there now. The space will be available June 2020.
  • 177 Main Street (CVS) is not listed yet – readers wondered its status with the announcement of a new branch coming to Gloucester Crossing
  • on the east end Main Street- 242 and across the street 263 and 271
Ohana still empty_20200202_Gloucester MA ©c ryan
151 Main Street not listed

No Shadow = Early Spring!

Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow this morning, therefore predicting an early spring. This is a rare call on his part, having happened only 20 times in the history of Groundhog Day predictions, and never twice in a row! Here’s a link to some interesting historial tidbits in case you have nothing to read with your Sunday morning coffee.

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Rescue-Restore-Respect: Saving This Puckerbutt 1995 @WeberGrills Outrider

Northeast BBQ

Whoever bought this poor grill back in 1995 (it’s an EO vent code) installed it’s legs upside down making it look very strange and making it’s footprint incredibly narrow and dangerous as it would be pretty top-heavy loaded with lit coals and meat.

History of theSmokey Joe Platinum (AKA Jumbo Joe or Outrider) – Introduced in 1990 from the Weber Kettle Club

After unsticking the rusted on bolts with pb-blaster and replacing all of the hardware with stainless bolts, sanding down the wood handle and applying three coats of teak oil, adding side vents and cleaning her up she’s looking mighty spiffy.





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