Do you know someone suffering from Misophonia?

Crows? Gum smacking, chewing food?

The crows could be squawking away and I wouldn’t notice them at all but they drive Kate up a wall. I’ve never taken note of someone smacking their gum but I know it drives certain people nuts too.

This explains it. Certain people are wired differently to have visceral reactions to sounds that others simply have the ability to ignore.

It’s real.

Thursday: Live Music and $1.50 Oysters @ Feather and Wedge!


This Thursday, enjoy live music with jazz guitarist Steve Lacey while feasting on $1.50 oysters! It’s all happening at Feather and Wedge starting at 6:30 PM.

Bring a friend and chase those winter blues away!

Thursday, February 20
6:30 – 9:00 PM

Reservations highly suggested! 978.999.5917

Feather & Wedge, 5 Main Street, Rockport, MA 019166

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Good morning beautiful Red Fox of the marsh!

Driving along the Great Marsh at dawn, off in the distance a Red Fox caught my eye. I quickly reversed direction and was able to take a few snapshots. The Fox was vigorously digging in the snow and when he looked up, a small furry creature was clenched between its jaws.

He trotted closer to the edge of the scrubby shrubs with his breakfast held firmly. A brief pause and several chomps later, the unlucky one was devoured.

The Fox gave a toss of his head and while glancing around appeared to be laughing with delight, before then slipping into the wooded margins of the field.

As you can see from the map, the Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes) is widely distributed across the Northern Hemisphere. Additionally, Red Fox thrive in Australia too, where they are not native and considered an invasive species.

The Red Fox’s success is due largely to its ability to adapt to human habitats and to its extraordinary sense of hearing. A Red Fox can hear a mouse in snow from 42 feet away!

Because the Coyote has expanded its range so greatly, competing with Red Fox for food and habitat, the Fox are reportedly denning closer to homes. Most likely because human habitats are a safer choice for their kits than Coyote territory.

Oh how I wish a Foxy mama would call our yard home!

Call For Consignments – RAA&M Annual Art Auction – Consignment Deadline: March 7, 2020

The Rockport Art Association & Museum (RAA&M) in Rockport, MA is currently accepting consignment submissions of works by Historic American Artists, Highlighting the Cape Ann School, for its Annual Art Auction. The consignment deadline is Saturday, March 7th and the Auction will be held on Saturday, May 2nd, 2020 in the RAA&M’s Hibbard Gallery.

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Each year, this prestigious fundraising event attracts serious collectors from across the country, as well as those just starting an art collection. The auction features works by master Cape Ann artists of the past such as: Aldro T. Hibbard, Anthony Thieme, Emile Gruppé, Harry A. Vincent, W. Lester Stevens, Max Kuehne, Marguerite Pearson, Antonio Cirino, Carl Peters, Frederick Mulhaupt, Jane Peterson, Emma Fordyce MacRae and many more. The RAA&M auction specializes in Cape Ann art, but is not limited to this region and also includes works by numerous other prominent historic American artists.

The auction, now in its 35th year, began with a bequest by founding member Antonio Cirino (1888-1983). Cirino left his artwork to the Association with the stipulation that the art be auctioned to help support the organization. The auction quickly evolved to include other historic Cape Ann artists, and has been the RAA&M’s major annual fundraising event ever since.

For more information about the Rockport Art Association & Museum and its Annual Art Auction, please visit

To make an appointment or to inquire about consigning, please contact Margaret Redington at
978-546-6604 or

Rockport Art Association & Museum’s mission is to foster the creation and appreciation of the fine arts through a rich and diverse program of exhibitions and educational offerings. RAA&M provides opportunities for a wide range of people to engage with art, maintains an impressive permanent collection and carries forth the legacy of its founders by inspiring and cultivating artistic excellence and creative community on Cape Ann and beyond.

Opening Night At Hale St Tavern Is Tonight At 4PM


More Seats, More Space, More Time to Enjoy!

In addition to our new look, bigger bar and additional seats, we are now open for Thursday lunch too!

Hale Street is now open  at 4 PM Monday – Wednesday & 11:30 AM Thursday – Sunday.


To kick off Thursday Lunch and celebrate vacation week,
Kids Eat Free* Lunch at Hale Street on Thursday, 2/20!

*with the purchase of an adult entree


Hale Street is located at 717 Hale Street in Beverly Farms

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The Swan and the Owl

During last Saturday’s Merrimack River Eagle Festival, I went looking for eagles and snowy owls. Instead, I found a swan at Parker River as well as an old friend in a tree along the way. “The Swan and the Owl” sounds like a fable. I guess the lesson here was to be grateful for the gifts you are given even if they weren’t what you were hoping for. And I am grateful for all the beauty this area offers.

Gloucester Students: Apply now for Summer Internship!

Cape Ann Community

ATTENTION Gloucester Students (and Parents): Applications for 2020 summer jobs are now being accepted! Apply for a LEAP for Education at GHS summer internship for July and August. Get a jump on your friends and nail down a great summer job!

As part of this FREE program you will:

Internship highlights:

Submit and application and then interview with LEAP for Education staff to confirm acceptance – we prioritize applications from underserved students

Applications are now available online through LEAP for Education’s website:

You may also apply by contacting JoAnn Leavitt at 774-270-0119…

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