GloucesterCast 381 w/ Chris McCarthy, Pat & Jimmy Dalpiaz, Nichole Schrafft and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 2/1/20

GloucesterCast 381 w/ Chris McCarthy, Pat & Jimmy Dalpiaz, Nichole Schrafft and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 2/1/20


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Topics Include:
Will the groundhog show his shadow tomorrow?
Brandon Pratt says interest rates are unbelievably low and it’s a great time to put some money in your pocket by refinancing
Contact him-

D: 617-688-6891
M: 617.688.6891

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The Brandon Pratt Team
CrossCountry Mortgage, LLC
180 Main Street Unit A
Gloucester, MA 01930

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Hands Free Law Going Into effect Feb 23


What is on the Superbowl Menu

Tartine in Beverly is awesome
Been having fun at Cape Ann lanes
Nichole: I hope the Super Bowl commercials live up to the hype because I don’t care much about the game
I want Thatcher to start working this summer. Too young for a job on the books.
Going to the Beanpot tomorrow.  Super excited
Cape Ann Handywoman to the rescue
Would really like one more good snowstorm!
I need someone to explain to me what I am paying for and what I can cancel. We have 1 million channels through Comcast but I also pay for Apple TV have a Hulu subscription I’ve never used and more. And Amazon prime.


If your License Plate expires in March order a Cape Ann License Plate Today!

If your Massachusetts Registration is expiring in March 2020 now is a great time to show your love for Cape Ann and order a Cape Ann Special License Plate to support the Cape Ann Community Foundation and it’s grants yearly, to Cape Ann nonprofits and education programs. You can order a Cape Ann License Plate by going to and clicking on “order a plate”.

You will the need to provide the following information:
* Date of Birth
* Driver’s License Number
* Last Name
* Last Four # of SSN

Then select the Cape Ann License Plate from the plate choices. You will the need the following:
* Your current vehicle registration number
and expiration date
* Email
* Credit Card
Once you have completed the transaction you will see a form with your new plate number on it that you can print out. You will receive your new Cape Ann License Plate, new registration and sticker in the mail in 8 to 10 days.

* If you current registration expires within 2
weeks, you will not be able to order a
Cape Ann special plate online.
* Company owned and leased vehicles
can’t order special plates online. These
requests must be processed in person at
an RMV Service Center.

Ordering a Cape Ann License Plate makes a tremendous difference to the Cape Ann Community. The Cape Ann Community Foundation has awarded $39,000 in the last three years. We hope that you will be part of the power of giving by ordering a plate at You will be a Cape Ann Hero!

Credit Scores & Mortgages

Cape Ann Home

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Higher is better. Will your scores be going down soon?
In January, Fair Isaac Corp., the company behind the FICO credit score, announced that its latest model will start incorporating consumers’ debt levels into their scores.
According to FICO estimates:

►About 110 million consumers will see a change to their score under the new model.

►Roughly 40 million will see a shift upward over 20 points.

►Another 40 million will see a shift downward over 20 points.

If your plans for 2020 include buying a new home or refinancing your current loan, let’s discuss how these changes in credit scores could affect your timetable. We’re here to answer your questions!
Brandon Pratt
unnamed (3)
Loan Originator
D: 617-688-6891
M: 617.688.6891

Apply Now

The Brandon Pratt Team
CrossCountry Mortgage, LLC
180 Main Street Unit A
Gloucester, MA 01930

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Tis the Season … Flu Season, that is.

Cape Ann Wellness

Flu Activity. Accessed 1.31.2020

Seasonal Flu activity remains high. The new coronavirus is a hot topic in the news, but fact of the matter is, you are much more likely to get seasonal flu (influenza). There are still several months of flu season ahead. Talk to your doctor

Talk to your doctor about your risks of fluand means of prevention (1) such as vaccinations.

Flu vaccinations Do NOT Cause the flu. Vaccinations are considered preventative care, and may be covered by your insurance. Free vaccinations are available through CVS and Walgreens.  Gloucester’s Health Department also offers flu vaccinations; call Public Health Nurse Kelly Hiland at 978-325-5266.

The current risk level for flu in Gloucester MA is highInfants, people over 50, and people with chronic health issues (lung, heart kidney or liver disease, and neurologic, blood, or metabolic disorders (including diabetes mellitus), are more at risk for complications…

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Come Paint A Bowl for The Open Door Empty Bowl Dinner!

Cape Ann Community

Want something fun and free to do with friends  or family? Come paint a bowl for The Open Door 20th Annual Empty Bowl Dinner. The bowls will be given out at the dinner as a reminder that somewhere in our community someone’s bowl is empty.

Painting is free!

Empty bowl events are held nationwide to generate funds and awareness for hunger-relief programs. Proceeds from this event support The Open Door summer programs that include Summer Meals for Kids and Mobile Markets. Empty Bowl Dinner is made possible because volunteers like you lend their time and talent to paint a bowl!

This event is open to members of the public who preregister through Eventbrite.

Our public bowl painting events are:

Saturday, February 8 from 10 am – 12 pm

Saturday, March 7 from 10 am – 12 pm

Sign up today to reserve a spot here


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