My @SpiritAirlines Experience And Review

Terminal: excellent food options modern terminal with plenty of comfortable seating and complimentary charging stations

Zone boarding.

Departing Flight:

Plane: Brand new. No tv, no WiFi. Seats did not recline.

Flight attendants:

Cheery, pleasant, crisply pressed uniforms.

Flight on time.

Food options: no complimentary food or drink. $5 total for small coffee and bottled water.

Snack and Beverage options and prices:

Return flight:

Older plane. No WiFi, no TV, pay for drinks or snacks.

Good service. Flight on time.

Paid $25/seat for upgrade to larger front seats which has two very large seats in the same space as three seats.

There were two rows of the big seats at the very front of the plane. The very first row you cannot place your personal item in front of you so you’re better off selecting the second row back if you’re going to pay to upgrade to the larger seats.

Overall it was a positive experience. We got direct flights at great times for roughly $200 less than quoted prices from Any other airline during school vacation.

I would fly Spirit without hesitation again under these circumstances:

If flight times were exactly the same I would pay no more than $50 to fly Jet Blue or Delta over Spirit.

If Spirit had better flight times than Jet Blue or Delta I’d fly Spirit. If Spirit had direct flights and a Jet Blue or Delta had only connecting flights at the same price I’d fly Spirit.

It is important to consider luggage you will be bringing and factor in the up charges to bringing carry-on or costs of getting snacks in your equation.

Spirit is mostly offering highly discounted flights with ala carte extras. In our case the base cost of the flight with the costs of the snacks and carry on charges were still substantially less on Spirit than it would have been on any other airline.

People that complain when they fly Spirit and then get charged extra for baggage are dumb. They tell you this when you’re booking it and if you don’t factor it into your decision, then that’s on you dummy.

One other note: the stewardess told me that Spirit has 400 brand new planes on order. That’s pretty huge.

6 thoughts on “My @SpiritAirlines Experience And Review

  1. I would still walk before ever flying spirit again. We paid extra for a better seat and later flight that they cancelled, putting us on their cheaper flight 3 hours earlier without any refunds. I’m 6 1, felt like I was shoehorned into the seat. Flight times were terrible and inconvenient wasting loads of time.


    1. Out of curiosity Larry, how long ago was that? I say that because Kate had a similar situation but it was 7 years ago. I wonder if they had serious growing pains or if that happens often now as well but people have a bad image of them from before.


  2. Glad it went well Joey, but Spirit’s reputation is horrendous, it comes in last in all satisfaction surveys and has for years.


  3. We have flown spirit to Florida several times. Great flight, direct, & lowest cost. Must pack carefully for personal item, then no charge.


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