Image Processing 101: Post Production Processing for Photographers

This is a seminar for professional, fine art, and hobbyist photographers who want to learn all of the essential tools in Adobe Bridge, Camera RAW , and Photoshop used to get perfect images every time. We learn a process for file management and image editing that saves time while ensuring quality.
This is a chip to print seminar (not a ‘how to shoot photos’ seminar). The seminar is presented in four 90 minute sessions by James Eves of Cape Ann Giclée. He draws upon more than 30 years of working in Digital Imaging. In each session we refine our understanding of File Management, Image Resolution, and Image Editing.
This seminar is for beginners/intermediate. Prerequisite is a good working knowledge of computers. This class is taught on a Mac but all functions will work on a PC. Much of the lessons can be applied in Adobe Lightroom.

March 10 Session 1:

In this first 90 minute session we adjust a few camera settings to improve quality and help streamline file 
management. We jump into Adobe Bridge to learn the tools to quickly establish a file management system, protect our images with embedded © copyright, and learn some batch processing that saves time. Using Adobe Bridge we manage many files, that could take hours, in minutes. The files are prepped for editing and tagged 
to be easily found later. Proper file management at the beginning will save time later on.

March 17 Session 2:

In Session 2 we get right into Camera Raw and learn the environment, tools and a powerful editing process that can be applied to every image we ever shoot. We learn color theory via James’ ‘Kindergarten Color Theory’ (You learned everything you need to know about color in kindergarten). Color editing is easy once you know the right approach. We learn about constructive vs. destructive tools, sharpening, selective color, lens correction and more.

March 24 Session 3:

In Session 3 we refine our skills and understanding in Camera Raw on a variety of images. Most of this session is dedicated to learning the subtleties of tools of editing in Camera RAW under a wide range of Image types. In the end we learn Batch Image editing, turning hours of editing into just minutes.

March 31 Session 4:

In Session 4 We bring our select images into Adobe Photoshop and refine them into works of art. We learn cropping and aspect ratios and we perfect our images with retouching techniques and local area color editing. We fully understand image resolution and how to save files for the web and print.

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