Dear Friends,

There has been more interest than anticipated in Monarch eggs. Thank you to everyone for writing!

At present, Jane has over 100 caterpillars in her kitchen terrariums. These will become butterflies within the month, and each female that emerges will lay between 300 to 700 eggs. I’ve compiled a list of everyone who left a comment. We are thrilled and grateful readers are so interested in helping raise Monarchs this summer. I will contact all as soon as Jane has a new batch of freshly laid Monarch eggs.

In the meantime, I am going to type up some FAQs. I also suggest using a glass rectangular fish tank/terrarium, with a fitted screen top, for rearing the caterpillars. If you don’t have one, they are available at our local pet stores. Also, a package of cheese cloth. Along with a plentiful supply of milkweed, that’s all you will need.

Thank you again and we’ll be in touch. ❤




Martin Grealish Flyer with COPY_Page_1.jpg

This EXPERIMENTAL WATERCOLOR WORKSHOP is for all age and skill levels. Everyone is welcome, from the beginner to the advanced hand in watercolor.

So get your passport ready and save some room in your bags because we are going on a journey and you will have some souvenirs to take home from this one-day workshop.

Journals are a great way to document and record one’s trips and adventures in a meaningful and lasting way. Keeping a sketchbook and journal, forces you to slow down and interact with the environment around you, to look carefully and take it all in. In so doing, stronger memories are formed to last a lifetime. When you incorporate collage, photographs, maps, postcards, pressed leaves and flowers into your record, it adds much to the experience and helps capture the full color and texture of your journey. Martin will share his inspirations, as well as his personal travel journals through Bali, Italy, Ireland, Morocco, Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia.

He’ll also show you how he creates his signature “Mail Art” pieces. Martin has developed a way to turn his travel watercolor sheets into mailing envelopes. Family, friends and fellow pilgrims who receive these treasures delight at such thoughtful and personal remembrances from his travels.

And, over the course of the day, Martin will share his favorite, innovative tips and techniques for working with watercolor. You will also have an opportunity to experiment with water-based mediums in a new light.

WHAT TO BRING: your favorite watercolor supplies – paints + paper, hair dryer (if you have one), and examples of your work for show and tell.

To register, click here


Sasquatch Tonight @ The Rhumb Line with Fly Amero 6pm early start due to the Bruins game . June 12, 2019

Dinner Specials Each Week!
A Special Bruins Stanley Cup Playoff 
6 to 9pm Wednesday Show
My Musical Guest: SASQUATCH!
Sometimes funny.  Sometimes poignant.  Often profound.  Always
charming.  The wonderfulPaul Cohan a.k.a. Sasquatchgraciously
takes the early Rhumb Line stage this week as we make room for
the Bruins’ exciting game 7 vs the Blues.  We’ll go 6 to 9pm and
have just as much fun as we always do.  Come and enjoy! ~ Fly
Dinner with great music!
*Each week features a special, invited musical guest
The Rhumb Line Kitchen…
…features Morgan Forsythe!  Dishes are better than ever before!
Plus a fine, affordable wine menu!
6/19 – Ron Schrank
6/26 – Liz Frame
Coming soon…
Quentin Callewaert
Looking forward…
…to seeing you there 🙂

1969 WOODSTOCK  FESTIVAL OF MUSIC & PEACE PHOTOS by Elizabeth Enfield displayed June 2019 at Addison Gilbert #GloucesterMA

Woodstock front page New York Times Sunday August 17 1969
Woodstock article by Barnard L. Collier and Jack Manning photograph 

“I’m glad to be here 50 years later to celebrate and have my 75th birthday this July!” Elizabeth Enfield


June 1-30,2019 – Open 7 days all week!

In 1969,  Elizabeth Enfield,  art teacher in New York City, was director of a summer photography program for teenagers. One of her staff had 2 press passes for the Woodstock Peace and Music Festival in White Lake, New York.

Fifty years ago, Max Yasgur happily rented his farm for 40,000 people. The event rose to 450,000  attendees in total, shown by a shot taken from a helicopter above the crowd, and published in the New York Times front page. The show ran  24 hours a day from Friday August 15th until Monday August 18th when a late coming performer gave the remaining 35,000 people a ‘Grand Finale’!

The exhibition in the Lobby Hallway of the Addison Gilbert Hospital  June 7th to 30th, 2019, is avaliable for viewing all day, for your pleasure. Portraits include photos of Ravi Shankar, Janis Joplin, Santana and Grace Slick.The crowd is seen watching in rain and sun and camping in the field covered with mud and water. Some are sittting on the light and speaker structures around the field. Out of food, offered by the  “pig farm”  who volunteered their services to the crowd.

Listen to the CD the  “TAKING WOODSTOCK”,  audio, written by Elliot Teichberg

Addison Gilbert Hospital Gloucester MA view from Washington street_20180702_©c ryan

The New York Times is looking for Woodstock images May 30, 2019 see  here

Visitors to Gloucester from Gloucestershire England


This couple from Gloucestershire England visiting Gloucester with his parents, who are  avid bird watches.  They had breakfast at George’s, and were given coffee mugs from George’s, all I had to give was GMG stickers to give.



Glenn and Allie Varga’s Pleasant Street Tea Company will be closed by week’s end. Not to worry though, you can still enjoy their delicious fare and warm hospitality at their wonderful restaurant, Allie’s Beach Street Cafe, in Manchester.