GloucesterCast 339 with Eric Magers, Robert Walsh, Madison Cook-Hines, Heidi Dallin, Chris McCarthy, Susan Lipsett, Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 6/16/19


GloucesterCast 339 with Eric Magers, Robert Walsh, Madison Cook-Hines, Heidi Dallin, Chris McCarthy, Susan Lipsett, Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 6/16/19


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Topics Include:

Barefoot In The Park At Gloucester Stage and “The Binding”
Single Use Plastics Info from Eric Magers
The perfect Father’s Day
Happy Birthday Mimi
Lobsterman Chris
Fiesta week coming up
Congratulations GHS Girls Softball D2 North Champs  tied 6-6 going into extra innings and scored 8 at the top of the 8th.
National pollinator week
Plover Update
Cape Ann Wildlife Update


Fifteen-day-old Piping Plover chicks

Last year I posted a similarly titled post, Happy Father’s Day! Brought to You By Papa Plover,with a photo of Papa PiPl snuggling our one remaining chick, Pip.

This year we have a sweet photo from yesterday of our Papa PiPl snuggling all three chicks, not just one chick as was the case last year on Father’s Day. I wrote, “Whenever folks stop by to ask questions at the nesting area and they see the little chicks snuggling under the adult PiPl, they almost automatically assume it is the Mama Plover. Half the time it is the female, and the other half, the male. Mom and Dad share equally in caring for the chicks, generally in twenty minute to half hour intervals. They are always within ear shot and while one is minding the chicks, the other is either feeding itself, grooming, or patrolling for predators. Last year, as is often the case, the Mama Plover departed Good Harbor Beach several weeks before the chick fledged, leaving Little Chick entirely under Papa’s care.”

But there is more to the story about what makes Piping Plover males Super Dads. Papa is not only an excellent Dad in that he is a fifty/fifty caretaker of the chicks, but male Plovers are also fierce defenders of their family. Our Papa is no exception. He is always on high alert, especially when it comes to the Bachelor and his antics. Between gulls, crows, other avian predators, human caused disturbances, and even danger from one of their own kind, it’s not easy being a Plover Dad.

Papa Plover warming the three chicks. They were fifteen days old on Saturday morning.

The Bachelor tries to camp out in the protected area. Papa is having none of it and leaps up to give chase to the Bachelor.

Papa and the Bachelor smack down over command of the protected area.

Male Piping Plovers fight, and even bite, competing males for mates and for nesting territory.



Happy Father’s Day to all our Good Morning Gloucester Dads. I hope you have a fantastic day with loved ones ❤

Like father, like son, like grandson – my three favorite Dads ❤

What a memorable Father’s Day dinner we had at Duckworths. It was Charlotte’s first time there and Colleen, Michelle, and Nicole provided her with lots of love and fun and games so we could all enjoy our fabulous dinner.


My father-in-law on his 90th birthday


The beautiful annual nine-day Novena to Saint Peter begins on Monday, June 17th and runs through Tuesday June 25th, beginning nightly at 7pm. All are welcome to come and join in this annual tradition of offering prayers, petitions, and songs for the intercession of Saint Peter, patron saint of fishermen. The Novena is held at the American Legion Hall at 8 Washington Street. For more information please contact Joe Novello at 978-283-4367.

Novena Ladies, left to right: Nancy Millefoglie, Joanne Aiello, Faye Quinlan, Grace Cusumano, Jean Linquata, Caryn Ryder, Anne Sanfillippo, and Nina Groppo

Harbor Loop

These are from Simon Jacobs Landing on Harbor Loop on a pretty day recently. It’s one of the places I like to recommend to the tourists at the Visitors Center as kind of a hidden jewel.

Watercolor Demonstration with Robert Steedman Sunday, June 16th ~ 2pm ~ Open Free to the Public Robert Steedman teaches and exhibits both nationally and internationally. He has won numerous awards and this past year achieved his full AWS membership. He also holds memberships in the New England Watercolor Society, American Artists Professional League, North Shore Arts Association and the Hudson Va… See More — in Cundys Harbor, Maine.

Unique Father’s Day Gift: Hypnosis for Peak Golf Performance

Cape Ann Wellness


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