Pizza Night At The Crib

Thanks Kate

Buzz and I made pizzas with help from our fearless kitchen leader Kate.

Came out pretty damn good!

Pizza dough from Stop and Shop (in the deli section).

Buzz opted for straight sauce and mozzarella.

I added pepperoni, mozzarella, ricotta and colby jack cheese.

Thinking we’ll do this more often.


Two weeks ago today, four tiny Piping Plover chicks hatched at Good Harbor Beach. Nesting got off to a rocky start, with the mated pair first attempting to nest at the beach, then at the parking lot, but then thankfully, returning to their original nest site.

The relative peace on the beach, excellent parenting by Mama and Papa PiPl, cooler than average temperatures, vigilant monitoring by a corps of dedicated volunteers, outpouring of consideration by beach goers, as well as support from the DPW, City administration, and City Councilors has allowed the chicks to attain the two-week-old stage of maturity. With each passing day, we can see the chicks are gaining in strength and fortitude and listening more attentively to their parent’s voice commands. Adhering to Mama and Papa’s piping calls is an important milestone in their development. The parents continuously pipe commands and directions, warning of danger and directing the chicks to come to a stand still. The tiny shorebird’s best defense is its ability to blend with its surroundings when motionless.

The chicks spent the early morning warming up and foraging at the protected area. Afternoon found them camped out at the creek.

Snapshots from the morning


There was a group of young people stationed near the PiPl protected area enjoying the beach on this fine sunny afternoon. All was good though as the chicks were perfectly safe, foraging far down the creek. With gratitude and thanks to everyone who is helping to keep our PiPl family safe.

Snapshots from the afternoon

Thursday at the Essex Shipbuilding with O’Maley’s 8th graders

Being over there for the second day, I am learning as well about how to build a boat.  These kids really pay attention and enjoy seeing what is built with their own hands.  The rope Grommet was interesting to watch being made, the kids under the boats drilling and the sanding of the oars was educational as well as fun.  The Essex Shipbuilding Museum staff, the O’Maley teachers and the kids made for a wonderful couple of days.  Thank you for the invite.

This New England home is perched on the edge of the harbor…

Cape Ann Home


This New England home is perched on the edge of the harbor. If location is everything, then this home certainly has it all. However the kitchen was in need of an upgrade. The kitchen had fallen out of style and function. Built-in cabinetry from the living room walled off the kitchen, making it feel like a closed and cramped space, which isn’t reflective of the landscape and ocean beyond.

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Julianna Frontiero Fundraiser

Fun night out for a great cause. Dance to the DJ and enjoy the free eats. Can get tickets at the door or e-mail or call me. Tell all your friends and make a night of it. On the water in back room of Gloucester House. Follow down building on left side to function hall at the end. $20 fee to get in per person covers door prize, eats, cash bar, 50-50 raffle and auction, one of which is a 2 night stay at the Atlantis and breakfast for 2 both days. Donations welcome. Make check out to Julianna Frontiero and can send to me. Thanks you and hope to see you there. Sam Frontiero  11 Stuart Road Glou. Ma. 01930  978-281-4513

New school plans Dore & Whittier site options for East Gloucester and Veterans Memorial Gloucester, MA

Dore & Whittier presented options for new elementary schools (specifically related to consolidation of East Gloucester and Veterans Memorial Schools or just East Gloucester) to the EGS Building Committee Thursday, June 13th at 5 pm.  This meeting was not a public forum. However, all present reiterated that questions and concerns are most welcome at the Ward 1 Community Meeting June 17, 2019 at City Hall (details below).

Potential options for three sites were color coded for review

  • YELLOW for East Gloucester School Site
  • BLUE for Veterans Memorial School Site
  • GREEN for Schoolhouse Road Site formerly labeled “Green Street” site

School Committee Chairman John Pope and Brad Dore of Dore & Whittier stressed that none of these plans are final. “It’s a long process. MSBA requires options. So these 14 options will be whittled down to 8 options that must go foward. Hopefully by next April, after due diligence and consideration, we’ll move forward to the next phase.” Costs are not factored for any of these options at this point in this process so as to base school design on best fit learning requirement rather than price (see “Matrix” slide). Sub committee will vote on the criteria (see “schedule” slide). Dore & Whittier consulting related to this phase is about $70,000. “These options are diagrammatic. None prove that they can be successful or can move ahead, only that they go to the next level of review. They are just a level of screening. The process is iterative.”

For all three sites, plans focused on parking for staff and visitors without addressing neighborhood traffic impact. All proposals tried to take into account access to community spaces (ie. gym and media center) after hours, parent pick up/drop off, and separation of outdoor space and service access. MSBA guidelines suggest 80 parking spaces per 220 students and 117 per 440 students. “Typically these projects find relief granted for parking and zoning,” said Dore. While new schools are built, students will need to be relocated. Chairman Pope said they’d need to press city on options.

A round up of Pros and Cons related to the recent West Parish construction and its use and operating costs since being built might be helpful. Some West Parish feedback that made the news ranged from small inconveniences (no dishwasher) to larger concerns about design (despite ample site the gymnasium was not designed with enough space for spectators, the design of the parking lot did not take into account ease in snowplowing and numerous vehicular/traffic snafus).  There was no discussion about these proposals within a broader context of all the school properties, all the elementary schools, merging with Rockport, what happens with development of the older sites if Schoolhouse Road option is undertaken, etc.

2 POTENTIAL SITES COLOR CODE _Dore Whittier new school sites and plans presented to School Committee building committee_Gloucester MA_20190613_© cryan


targeting July 18th for cost reveals

28 TIMELINE Dore and Whittier new school sites and plans presented to School Committee building committee_Gloucester MA_20190613_© cryan (28)






1)East Gloucester Elementary School Site- 5 options both single school and consolidation

Dore & Whittier ascertained that the school’s field is deeded and there’s no option of building out into that green space. It’s already off to a poor start as “the site is reduced by 2.5 acres.” [See 2016 EGS school consolidiation meeting– we already knew this. Ditto consideration of Espresso’s lot, now sold but was available.] Based on their commentary narration, Dore & Whittier does not seem in favor of this option:

  • “A two story option would have structural problems to consider and cons such as creating darker classrooms on the ground floor.”
  • “It would exceed setback lines.” “Extra permitting”
  • “Storm Water management is difficult.”
  • “Topography is difficult. All rock!”
  • There are just so many noted deficiencies. “Generally compressing into a small site means a LOT more money.”
  • Option B3 Problem as no separation of Delivery and Playtime; stressed again how difficult it is to build two stories. “Will this even get through the fire department even with so many difficult permitting issues? The plans push against lot line and trucks may not get back there.” [ed. so why is this presented as an option?]
  • Option C1 430 students is a 3 story option “will recreate parking on street basically the same as now but worse.”
  • Option D NEW School pushes building back, room for 56 parking spots
    • D1 2 story
    • E1 440 students 3 story options
    • E2 crossing property line either by right or by purchase. Brad Dore explained that decisions of that sort happen at the state level. (I think he meant long/difficult route.)
  • One question from the audience went unanswered and encouraged to attend Ward 1 meeting: “Has neighborhood high impact and infrastructure concerns been considered (water/sewer presumably affected with increase to 440 students)?”




2)Veterans Memorial site- 2 options

Plans here were also categorized as failing. “No doubt there are lots of challenges for this one.” Brad Dore said. “Plans here are tortured.”

  • F1 440 students with 80 parking spaces preserving ball field
  • F2 on the ball field




3)Schoolhouse Road / formerly Green Street Site – 2 options

  • 3 story, 440 students




On Monday, June 17, 2019 Ward 1 City Councilor Scott Memhard will host another Ward 1 Community Meeting and update on the East Gloucester Elementary School building project from 6 to 8 p.m., at Gloucester City Hall’s Kyrouz Auditorium.

The agenda will include a presentation and Q&A with members of the Gloucester School Committee, the EGS School Building Committee, and our EGS designer/project manager Dore & Whittier Architects. Time allowing, any other community concerns or matters of Ward 1 interest may also be raised & discussed.

1 Dore and Whittier new school sites and plans presented to School Committee building committee_Gloucester MA_20190613_© cryan
photo: Residents observe architect proposals for new school plans Gloucester MA June 13 2019 (questions and concerns can be brought to public forum this was just a presentation by Dore & Whittier of current iterations for proposed new school building plans to the School Building Committee)

sampling of documents to bring one up to speed:

January 2015 joint City Council/School Committee meeting; presentation by Dore & Whittier HERE

Option A Maintain all four buildings as they are with same number of classes
per grade
Option B Make additions and renovations at all four schools
Option C Remove Plum Cove or Veterans and make additions and renovations
at other three (2-3 classes per grade)
Option D Remove Plum Cove and Veterans and make addition at Beeman (4
classes per grade), with 3 classes per grade at East Gloucester

September 14, 2016 GMG post school consolidation meeting  at West Parish HERE

September 27, 2016, GMG post, Ward 1 Community Discussion about new elementary schools at East Gloucester Elementary School HERE

In February 2017, the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA), a state agency, moved the Gloucester school consolidation proposal further along in its funding process. The MSBA cost page is here where you will find information and data about schools built either a)2008-2013  or b) 2014-current.  West Parish is in there. (List of MSBA projects completed for Gloucester) MSBA splits out designer and project management phases from the final build which means you have to go back and forth between documents. Expected life span for new buildings is 40 years.

October 2017 City Begins Quest for new Merged School: Search on for funding for East Gloucester-Veterans study, Gloucester Daily Times article by Ray Lamont HERE

October 2018 GMG post MSBA school committee school consolidation update HERE 

Spring 2019, School building committee website set up spring 2019



Experience Preferred.

Must be hard working, with fast hands.

Non Smoker.

Non drinker.

Completely drug free.

Must have own vehicle.

Contact Mike. Leave message. No calls after 6:00 p.m.


Mike..# 781-249-2818

Call the number above or fill out the info and submit

Poll: What You Think This Dead Animal On The Boulevard Is

No visible markings of foul play. No bite marks. Just dead on the median strip in the Boulevard.


I couldn’t identify it on my own so I took to Facebook to ask and got no less than 15 different replies.

What say you?  What kind of animal is this dead animal seen in the median on the boulevard?


SeniorCare Hosts Amy Kerr’s “I Am More” Exhibit

Cape Ann Community

SeniorCare Inc. is proud to host Amy Kerr’s “I Am More” art exhibit at the agency’s Gloucester offices.    “I Am More” is an art and writing project founded by Amy Kerr as a reminder that we are more than our mental challenges.  Sixteen pastel and colored pencil portraits of Cape Ann residents, along with an essay written by each subject, will be on display at the SeniorCare offices through the month of June.

There will be a public reception on Wednesday, June 26, 2019 from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm at SeniorCare, located at 49 Blackburn Center, Gloucester.  In addition to the reception, public viewing hours are available on Friday afternoons through June from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm.  Anyone wishing to view the exhibit, but unable to attend during the reception or on a Friday afternoon may call 978-281-1750 to arrange for a private viewing.

“I Am More” has…

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