Today our little chicks, all three, turn ten-days-old. This is a milestone in that their chances of survival are greatly improved when they reach the age of ten-days-old.

The family of five spent the morning foraging, mostly in the protected area, and venturing to the shoreline only occasionally. A Mourning Dove made his way through the dune edge into the protected area and Mama was having none of it. She flew at the Dove, but it attacked back. Papa suddenly appeared out of nowhere and really gave the Dove the business, buzzing it several times. The Dove flew off and then returned. Both parents left the chicks briefly and both attacked the Dove simultaneously. It’s always dramatic when you see how these pint sized shorebirds go after the much larger birds, and usually win.

Our Papa and Mama will fight to the death for their chicks, and because of that the chicks have survived ten whole days. Additionally, the Piping Plover family could not have survived this long without the vigilance of tender hearted volunteer monitors. They are a tremendous bunch of people and if you would like to join our group, please contact Alicia Pensarosa and sign up for a shift. Everyone is welcome. Weekends, especially, volunteers are needed.

Thank you to all the volunteer monitors. Two volunteers deserve an extra huge shout out and they are Heather Hall and Laurie Sawin. These two daily spend hours upon hours monitoring the chicks. Thank you sweet ladies for all your time and devotion ❤

Bug Breakfast

Big Chair, Tiny Bird

Papa keeping a watchful eye on the family this morning.

Rick and my 35th anniversary at Gloucester’s spectacular Beauport Hotel

What can we say about this jewel in Gloucester.  From the time we checked in to the time we checked out, our experience was stellar.  The staff was attentive, polite, pleasant and happy to have us there.  Our room was outstanding with a view that took our breath away with a lovely balcony.  The heated pool and hot tub on the rooftop is incredible.  The staff on the rooftop were always making sure the tables and chairs were clean.  There were plenty of towels and our lunch on the rooftop was delicious.  The pool was so wonderful and very calming.  The conversations on the pool rooftop with other guests were inspiring from newly weds to families.  Also during our fun afternoon on at the pool, the staff came around with free ice cream sandwiches. When we got back to our room there was a box of chocolates with a lovely Anniversary card for Rick and I.  After taking a wonderful shower we went to dinner and had a great meal again with stellar service.  Coming back to room we noticed that the towels were all changed without us having to need to ask for extra towels.  The beautiful sunset at the end of the evening was just what two busy people needed.  After a great night’s sleep we went down to the breakfast buffet and again not disappointed with the food, staff and view.  Visiting the gift shop with Kathy was so nice.  They have great gifts and treasures.  Here is some photos of our time at the Beauport Hotel.  I would like to thank this wonderful hotel and staff for such a wonderful stay.

fun bed pillows
our view
Rick in the pool
Box of chocolates
Beach VW bus
great way to get around
love the pillows
early morning on pool rooftop
Sunscreen lotion


North Shore Arts association- Congratulations to all of our Artist Members Exhibition II award recipients!

IMAGE ~ JUNE 8, 2019 ~ 11PIRATES ~

Michele O'Neil

IMAGE ~ JUNE 8, 2019 ~ 11PIRATES ~

Robert Steedman

Congratulations to all of our Artist Members Exhibition II award recipients!

JUNE 8, 2019 ~ 11PIRATES ~

Congratulations to all of our Artist Members Exhibition II award recipients! Susan Termyn “July Marsh Meadows”; Christine Whalen-Waller “Three Dancers”; Steve Lush “The Twins”; Mary Remillong “Blue Plate & Lace Curtain”; Timothy Neill “Apple Blossoms”; Jonathan Hotz “Down East Stonington”; J.C. Airoldi “Autumn Whisper”; Betty Lou Schlemm “The Gentleman”; Heidi Caswell Zander “Alter Of Art & Color”; Susan Lynn “Reflections on a Perfect Morning” and Doreen Costa Rita -Wonson for The Popular Awards. Exhibition II is on view through July 6th. Please join us for the reception and awards presentation on Sunday, June 9th (2-4pm). Open free to the public!



June 14 Meeting of the Gloucester Area Astronomy Club, with Steve O’Meara

Cape Ann Community

“Spoke” markings in Saturn’s rings are visible in the lower left.

Our speaker for the June 14 GAAC meeting will be none other than Steve O’Meara, the very accomplished astronomer and writer who, very unexpectedly, observed apparent “spokes” in Saturn’s ring system in 1976. Steve reported observing these phenomena with the 9 inch refractor at Harvard (an interesting account of the reception of O’Meara’s observations is available here, in the Journal of Astronomical History and Heritage). His observations were discounted by colleagues and professionals, who pointed out that no such thing could persist due to differential rotation of the rings.

Then in 1980 the Voyager 1 spacecraft visited Saturn, reported spokes in the rings, and got credit for the discovery. Some speculate that this may be because of an inherent distrust of visual observation as opposed to photographic astronomy. In his talk, Steve will speak about his observations…

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