Uncoachable kids…

2 thoughts on “Uncoachable kids…

  1. What an absurd post. I was what one considered “Uncoachable” I went on to build schools, power plants ,mall and many houses. I hated organized sports and I made the world a better place. To equate coachable to employable is beyond the pale.


  2. Your comment made me chuckle, Joey. So true. I hear so many parents say “Hey, Buddy,” when speaking to their kids, and I always think, they’re NOT your buddies, they’re your children! A parent’s job is to prepare their children for the future so they don’t “fold” the minute they get out of the nest. A coach doesn’t have to be a bear, but can instill good work habits and a sense of pride. Coddling won’t help them in the Real World. Let’s face it, Life is a competion! Prepare yourself, kiddies.


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