Appropriately Busy or Over-Scheduled?

I often joke, maybe even complain, about the schedule that we (and many other families) keep. It is met with a mixed bag of opinions. Some people applaud and appreciate the long weekends and busy days that our boys tend to have. Other people find it to be “too much”…detrimental even, so I’ve been told. I do understand both sides of the argument. Truly.

That having been said, I can tell you that we only do it because our boys love it. And, after weekends like this, I am incredibly proud of their determination, stamina, and commitment.

Thatch skated hard late Friday night with a short handed Rockport Middle School team. After getting home at 10:30 he was up at 5:00am to play in Haverhill with Cape Ann PW1. With no downtime in sight, he went directly to the Coast Guard Station for three hours of Sea Perch training and annual inspection prep with the Navy Sea Cadets. He was dismissed at noon and we drove directly to Rhode Island for two big Coyotes games. Back in Rockport at 10:00, and totally wiped, he managed to tackle his math homework patiently and without fuss.

Over-scheduled?  Perhaps.  Dedicated?  Absolutely.  Was he happy to be in all of the places he was?  For sure.  Being a part of these teams, groups, and organizations means everything to him.  

I love him and all that he gives. I also love all that their sports, interests, and activities have added to our family dynamic….especially the friends it has added to our lives. We’re pretty lucky.

So, is there a fine line between appropriately busy and over-scheduled?  No doubt it depends on the child.  But, until one of the boys asks us to do things differently, we’ll keep on going on.


Photo courtesy of Adam Curcuru
Photo courtesy of Mark Leonard
Photo courtesy of Robert Pallazolla


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