The .01% is winning and we’re all losing because it.

These are people desperate for attention and media outlets desperate for clicks and views to sell advertising.  It’s the perfect storm.  The media company knows it’s so outrageous that it will get people talking and viewing.  99.9 % of people have no problem with any of it.  It’s the .01% that is vocal and desperate for attention and not only are they getting it, but they are influencing what is being shown on tv and print through the fear of losing advertising dollars.  Sad really.

The perpetually offended are winning with a teeny tiny minority.

Thanks @aliciadewolfe for the graphic.

4 thoughts on “The .01% is winning and we’re all losing because it.

    1. Absolutely I do. The part that goes a little bit further about it than just complaining about it is pointing out that this isn’t what the general population believes is offensive. The 99.9% don’t think it’s offensive and maybe advertisers will stand their ground and ignore the very vocal minority of shit stirrers begging for attention.

      If the post just said “I can’t believe everyone is offended by this or that there’s a ton of people that are now offended by the song “Santa Baby” then it would give credence to the theory that it really is offensive rather than just an attention grab.


  1. No one is offended. It’s a scam some radio people thought up and now everyone is feeding into it, They chose a song everyone likes to get a reaction from everyone. It’s like Rush Limbaugh. People ought to know by now how they are being manipulated.Just ignore the idiocy.

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