Visitors to Gloucester from Other Countries


Couple from Ireland, they came to attend a friend’s wedding


Family from Australia, young man on the left found some meteorite racks on Pavillion Beach.


Delightful couple from Germany (Deutschland)


Family from Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic.


This couple from Netherlands (Holland) were headed to the Cape Ann Museum 

Peter and Family from the Netherlands visit the breakwater

The Dutch couple, prior to having children, on a prior visit to the US had their photos taken with Bill Clinton in NYC, when Bill was buying Chelsea a Birthday present.



Fun Video of Mega-Crowds Gathered to See First Sighting Ever Recorded of an AMERICAN ROBIN in the NETHERLANDS!!!

An American Robin (Tudus migratorius), or a Roodborstlijster, as it is called in Dutch, was first spotted on sand dunes before moving inland. I love the video of the crowd of birders waiting to catch a glimpse. It reminds me of the backshore, times ten, whenever a rare bird is seen on our shores!

Both videos were originally posted on Dear Kitty. Some Blog: American Robin in the Netherlands. Dear Kitty often reblogs my posts, sending new readers to GMG. Thank you Dear Kitty!

I feel a little sad for the lonesome fella and can only hope another was carried off course, too.

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