Doors open for #BerkshireMuseum case John Adams Courthouse

People are streaming in and filling seats like guests at a wedding– proponents of the sale like Berkshire Museum director Van Shields and Trustees are seated together on the left.

Attorneys greet and shake hands like team captains before a big game.



Oral arguments and today’s players



William F. Lee representing The Trustees of the Berkshire Museum and the Massachusetts Office of the Attorney General


Sullivan & Worcester LLP law firm on behalf of ‘Berkshire Museum Member Plaintiffs’: James Hatt,  Kristin Hatt,  and Elizabeth Weinberg

Foley Hoag and Barker, Epstein & Loscocco – attorney Michael B Keating of Foley Hoag with attorney Daniel Epstein of Barker, Epstein & Loscocco on behalf of clients: Tom Patti, who completed two commissioned installations for the Berkshire Museum entrance and reception areas–spaces that will be gutted if the historic building is disfigured for the New Vision; Marilyn Holtz Patti – resides and works in Berkshire County as does Tom Patti; Jean Rosseau and Jonas Dovydenas- residents of Stockbridge and Lenox; James Lamme, resident of Egremont; and Donald MacGillis, resident of Pittsfield, MA

Save the Art – Save the Museum

Save the Art – Save the Museum – On the ground Berkshire art museum protestors – catch up on all the news

Facebook: @SaveTheArtSaveTheMuseum

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Today order of arguments

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Feb 12 Massachusetts Attorney General assent letter for Berkshire Museum

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Feb 5, 2018 Breaking News: Joint statement from #BerkshireMuseum and Office of the Attorney General Shuffling to Single Justice of the Supreme Judicial Court 

Nov 20 2017 A Tale of Two AGOs | Berkshire Museum on hold, but James Prendergast Library a go

Nov 13 Sotheby’s auction tanked as Berkshire Museum art yanked & Paul Manship…

Nov 10 Return of the Magnificent 7: Attorney General Healey Appeals Judge Agostini Decision & Halts Sotheby’s From Selling Berkshire Museum of Art

Nov 8 Berkshire Museum Can Sell ALL art | Judge Agostini Okays Sotheby’s Auction

Nov 2 Emergency Motion! Berkshire Museum dramatic courtroom hearing …

Oct 31 Berkshire Museum Nailbiter- Healy halts Sotheby’s…some …

Oct 21 Will Pittsfield museum be the pits? Last ditch attempts to keep the art in …

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