GloucesterCast 267 With Kerry McKenna, Paula Curley, Pat and Jimmy Dalpiaz, Melissa Cox, Paul Morrison, Hannah and Craig Kimberley, Charlene Delaney, Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 2/25/18


GloucesterCast 267 With Kerry McKenna, Paula Curley, Pat and Jimmy Dalpiaz, Melissa Cox, Bill Cox, Paul Morrison, Hannah and Craig Kimberley, Charlene Delaney, Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 2/25/18


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Topics Include:

Free Tickets To Cape Ann Community Cinema – Share this post on Facebook for a chance to win two free tickets to Cape Ann Community Cinema, The Cinema Listings are always stickied in the GMG Calendar at the top of the blog or you can click here to go directly to the website

Lyon-Waugh Auto Group and Hometown Ace Hardware and Needy Meds Are Hiring Click The Respective Links For More Info

Senior Care Meals On Wheels Looking for Volunteers

To sign up a senior- 978-281-1750

Melissa Cox Challenges Paul (I’m a Whackjob) Morrison

Hannah Kimberley In The Improper Bostonian- Mopsey Strange Kennedy “Feminist Imprints”

Buy Hanna’s Annie Peck Smith Book On Amazon or at The Bookstore of Gloucester


Grant Circle Never Again Rally

Duckworths Bisto Dinner Was Ridiculous.- Three Favorite Meals That were Next Level memorable- Tonno Pok Chop, Feather and Wedge Scallops, Duckworth’s Friday Night,

Second Glance is worth a first look :Link here
Willow Rest is the bomb diggity..
Tonnos bar apps on Thurs also the place to be from 4-6 PM!

Air Fryer- Total No-Brainer. Airfryer panko encrusted scallops

College Basketball coaches getting wiretapped and huge takedown of NCAA college hoops while they can’t investigate kids saying they are going to shoot up a school.

Oscars Coming Up- Sunday March 4th- Go To Our Local Theaters To Catch Up

Wicked Tuna New Season Starts March 11th

Kim has two conservation lectures coming up April 12th, April 24th.


Led by beloved children’s author Virginia Lee Burton, this group of mostly untrained women created immortal designs.

Atlas Obscura

By Cara Giaimo

Folly Cove Designers Eino Natti “Polyphemus” 1950 Cape Ann Museum

One by one, the prints unfold before you. One shows sheep leaping in the grass, another, children on a tree-hung swing, the moon shifting above them. All are charming, sophisticated, and unbelievably detailed. They take the essence of everyday objects and activities, and unspool them into mesmerizing patterns. No matter how much you may want them, though, you can’t get these prints on Etsy. In fact, you can’t get them anywhere.

They live mere miles from where they were produced, at the Cape Ann Museum in Gloucester—the last bastion of the nearly forgotten Folly Cove Designers. Helmed by a children’s book illustrator and comprised of her previously untrained friends and neighbors, the Folly Cove Designers were hardworking, tight-knit, and sincere—so sincere, they eventually voted themselves into obscurity.

To children worldwide, Virginia Lee Burton is the beloved hand behind half a dozen classics, including Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel, Katy and the Big Snow, and The Little House, intricately illustrated tales of close-knit communities. But to her neighbors at Folly Cove, on the north shore of Massachusetts, she was Jinnee Demetrios. Jinnee and her husband, the sculptor George Demetrios, moved to the area in 1932 with their one-year-old son Aristides, who was soon followed by Mike. The couple quickly became community pillars, making art all day, and spending evenings gathering their friends and neighbors for raucous sheep roasts.

“Folly Cove gets its name because it would be folly to bring a ship in and turn it around,” says Christine Lundberg, producer of the film Virginia Lee Burton: A Sense of Place, as well as the upcoming Beautiful and Useful: The Art of the Folly Cove Designers. This ethos carried over into the rough-and-ready town life. “You couldn’t get pretty little things,” says Lundberg. “If you wanted them, you had to make them.” An artist through and through, Jinnee surrounded herself with homemade treasures, including, as the story goes, a particularly nice set of block-printed curtains. One of her neighbors, Aino Clarke, admired the curtains so much she wanted to make her own. Jinnee and Aino struck a deal: Jinnee would give Aino top-to-bottom design lessons if Aino, a member of the local orchestra, would teach Jinnee’s sons the violin. (A less legendary, but perhaps more truthful, version of this tale holds that Aino suggested Jinnee give design lessons to her neighbors in exchange for money to buy the necessary paper to illustrate her first book.)

Regardless of exactly how the two came together, Jinnee’s flint struck on Aino’s iron sparked an artistic movement. Within its rock-hard exterior, Folly Cove harbored a vein of artistic impulse that dated all the way back to the 1800s, when painters had flocked there to take advantage of the seashore’s distinct sunlight. (“If you spend time lying on the granite around here, you get creative powers,” one resident told Lundberg). As Jinnee and Aino dove into the lessons, other members of the community began joining them.

Folly Cove Designers Virginia Lee Demetrios “George’s Garden” 1964  Printed in her favorite color. Cape Ann Museum

Thus began the Folly Cove Designers (FCD), a ragtag group of locals united by their desire to fill their lives and their minds with a particular form of well-thought-out beauty. Many members were, like Aino Clarke, the children of Finnish immigrants, and sought to combat the economic and emotional hardships of the Great Depression. Others were so-called “Yankees,” who had moved permanently to Folly Cove after vacationing there as children, and who wanted something new to do. Eino Natti, one of the group’s few male members, was an Army veteran and former quarryman—experiences he drew on for prints such as Polyphemus, of a granite-carting train, and PT, which shows near-identical soldiers in mid-squat. Elizabeth Holloran, the local children’s librarian, printed young people skiing and sugaring. “A majority of them were never artists,” says Cara White, director of the Cape Ann Museum’s Folly Cove gallery. “They were editors, architects, housewives, accountants.”

The Folly Cove Designers “diploma,” presented to each member by Jinnee upon their entrance to the guild. Cape Ann Museum.



Chub Mackerel (Scomber colias)

HARDHEAD; BULLSEYE The hardhead (by which name it is commonly known to fishermen) resembles the common mackerel.  A smaller fish, growing to a length of 8 to 14 inches only.  Tremendously abundant and so plentiful off Provincetown from 1812 to 1820 that three men and a boy could catch 3,000 on a hook and line. But it practically disappeared from the United States coast some time between 1810 and 1850. It is interesting to note that destructive methods of fishing had nothing to do with the case, for its disappearance antedated the introduction of traps, pounds, or purse seines; it also antedated the reappearance of the bluefish; hence cannot be blamed on these sea pirates.  So completely did the hardheads vanish that the Smithsonian Institution tried in vain for 10 years prior to 1879 to obtain a single specimen.  In its years of plenty, which fall at long intervals, however, the chub mackerel is likely to appear wherever mackerel do off the Massachusetts coast, especially about Provincetown.

From Fishes of the Gulf of Maine by Bigelow and Schroeder, 1953

Online courtesy of MBL/WHOI

Senior Care – March for Meals

March for Meals brings awareness of the meals on wheels program, recruits volunteer drivers and gets the message out that we are more than a meal. We serve nine communities on the North Shore from Rockport to Topsfield, delivering over 130,000 meals last year, over 500 per day. 32,000 to Gloucester seniors each year, 100 per day.

During the month of March we invite local public officials, Rotary members, Chamber of Commerce members and local celebrities to help us deliver meals. Mayor Sefatia Romeo-Theken, Senator Bruce Tart and Senator Brad Hill have done it every year. This year both Ken Riehl and Kerry McKenna of the Cape Ann Chamber have committed to a day. If you would like to spend a few hour one day in March spreading some senior love and getting a lot of love back please call Senior Care.

The Spring Senior Care Breakfast is Friday, March 16 at the Gloucester House. The Linquata Family has hosted this event for 44 years. The cost is $12.00 per person. Placement sponsorships are available, call Senior Care.


I also love to photograph wildlife,, i had found this screech owl about a month ago and have visited the tree a few times sense.i knew once the snow started Thursday I️ had to get a shot with the falling snow, and thankfully he was just sitting there..

Pasta day at Sista Felicia’s

Yesterday was the annual pasta making day at Sista Felicia’s as we prepare for the St. Joseph’s feast day next month.  Many hands make light work…along with lots of laughs and memories.   This year we donned our “house aprons” like our grandmother’s and aunts used to wear and we could definitely feel their presence!



Our Friend TeriLeigh sees Chakras and is coming to Gloucester in March

Cape Ann Wellness

I’m as skeptical as any one, and this woman is legit.

I met TeriLeigh within a few months of meeting Elizabeth in 2010 and like I said I don’t go for hocus-pocus, but this is different. She legit sees peoples’ chakras – the same way Elizabeth expertly sees peoples’ posture. It’s some type of magic, and I wholeheartedly encourage you come and see what she has to say for yourself. You may not be pleased with what you have to hear, but you’ll but be happy to have heard it. The class will be our classic vigorous power yoga, but the workshops will not be hot. Come and check it out.



About Terileigh and her Readings:


More information and sign up HERE!

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And If That Mockingbird Won’t Sing…

We found a Snowy at Salisbury Beach State Reservation recently perched at the top of a tree at the edge of the property.  A mockingbird joined briefly and it brought the lullaby to mind.


We also saw several turkeys that day, including one pretty high up in a tree. They looked (and sounded) a great deal like those lawmakers you see streaming out of a building looking all official and ready to burst with some kind of rhetoric.

What Settings Do You Prefer for Relaxation and Learning?

Cape Ann Wellness

Home much does the environment affect your ability to relax and learn? 
I have offered sessions and trainings in many settings, from hospitals to horse farms. No matter where I am, I feel the work is the same. I wonder though, how much does the space make a difference to the enjoyment and learning experience of students and clients.
What is your favorite setting in which to ‘Relax and Learn?’ This poll only takes a few moments. Your feedback is much appreciated and will determine the location of future classes and sessions.

Photo © Karen Pischke. A Reiki Session is thought to Promote Relaxation and Self-Healing.

Photo © 2017. Karen Pischke. Rainbow appeared during a Reiki Training in Gloucester MA

Photo © 2017. Karen Pischke. Sedona, Arizona.

Photo © Karen Pischke 2015. Buddhist Monastery. Catskills, New York.

The Reiki (Yogi) Principles –

Today Only …

Let Go of Anger,

Let go of…

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