MONKFISH; ANGLER; ALLMOUTH; MOLLIGUT; FISHING FROG … The first spine bears an irregular leaflike flap of skin at its tip, which plays an important role in the daily life of the goosefish as a lure for its prey … Weighing up to 50 pounds … The goosefish has often been cited for its remarkable appetite. We read, for instance, of one that had made a meal of 21 flounders and 1 dogfish, all of marketable size; of half a pailful of cunners, tomcod, and sea bass in another; of 75 herring in a third; and of one that had taken 7 wild ducks at one meal. In fact it is nothing unusual for one to contain at one time a mass of food half as heavy as the fish itself. And with its enormous mouth (one 3½ feet long gapes about 9 inches horizontally and 8 inches vertically) it is able to swallow fish of almost its own size. Fulton, for instance, found a codling 23 inches long in a British goosefish of only 26 inches, while Field took a winter flounder almost as big as its captor from an American specimen. One that we once gaffed at the surface, on Nantucket Shoals, contained a haddock 31 inches long, weighing 12 pounds, while Captain Atwood long ago described seeing one attempting to swallow another as large as itself.


No regular commercial use has been made of the goosefish in America up to the present time. But it is an excellent food fish, white-meated, free of bones, and of pleasant flavor.

From Fishes of the Gulf of Maine by Bigelow and Schroeder, 1953.  Available free online courtesy of MBL/WHOI

If you were a goosefish you would say the “importance” situation has taken a bad turn since 1953.  The 2002, third edition, of Fishes of the Gulf of Maine notes:  Total landings remained at a low level until the mid-1970s, increasing from a few hundred metric tons to around 6,000 mt in 1978.  Landings remained stable at between 8,000 and 10,000 mt until the late 1980s and then increased to a peak level of 26,800 mt in 1996.  Usually only the tails are landed.  There is also a lucrative market for goosefish livers.

In the 1960s the Bureau of Commercial Fisheries Technological Lab on Emerson Avenue in Gloucester was involved in marketing support for goosefish (monkfish), then considered an underutilized species.  I worked there at that time and recall Julia Child and the Boston Globe’s food editor, Dorothy Crandall visiting the lab and providing enthusiastic support.  Here’s a 1979 photo of Julia Child with a monkfish.


Al Bezanson


Wednesday preview to the summer

On Wednesday it seemed like summer is right around the corner.  It does not take us New Englanders to get out and enjoy the sun and warmth.  Went over to Wingaersheek Beach and also Magnolia Beach and kids and adults were right back into the mode of beach time.  Feeling the sand on my feet was heavenly.

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Design of Mine… We are so excited for Northshore Magazine’s nomination for “Best New Women’s Boutique”. We would so appreciate your vote !!


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Nichole’s Picks 2/24 + 2/25

Pick #1:  Sugar Shack Saturdays at Appleton Farms

100_0533 (2)

Morning Session: 10:00-11:30

Afternoon Session: 1:30-3:00

Spring is coming and the sap is running! Experience the time-honored tradition of maple sugaring with Sugar Shack Saturdays at Appleton Farms. Spend the morning with us and see how we turn sap into sweet syrup. Start by getting creative with some maple themed crafts in the Appleton Old House then get outside and explore our very own sugar shack! Learn how we tap our trees every spring, see the evaporator in action, and taste the freshly made syrup.  We will end back inside with a farm snack, including Appleton Farms cheese, apple slices, and homemade maple ice cream while we read a story about maple sugaring!

Recommended for ages 8 and under but everyone is welcome! Space is limited. Registration is by the family- if you have 5 or more in your family, please register 2 families.  Crafts and snacks included and we want to have enough for all.

Register now:

Morning session >>

Afternoon session >>

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Pick #2: Winter Wander on Peddocks Island


February 24, 2018 – 11:30AM to 2:45 PM

Adults:  $20

Children: Over 3 years old: $15

Seniors: $15



Experience an unforgettable winter day as you wander the trails in search of winter tracks and traces. Look, listen and learn as you discover hidden treasures of the island. Play in the snow (if the weather cooperates), join us for cocoa and gorp in our “winter lodge” or by the fire for s’mores on the beach. Visitors are encouraged to bring their own snowshoes, lunches, binoculars and cameras to enhance their day.


Pick #3: Lego Maritime Festival at the USS Constitution

Let your imagination set sail this February School Vacation Week!

Inspired by the different ship designs on display in Masters of Miniature, head to the USS Constitution Museums to build your own ship with LEGO® and DUPLO® Bricks! In the hands of a creative kid – or kid at heart – a pile of colorful bricks can become an aircraft carrier – or USS Constitution! The nautical fun continues with a “Float Your Boat” LEGO Challenge, “Picture Yourself” LEGO Selfie Masks, a scavenger hunt through our Masters of Miniature exhibit, and much more!

Is your family no longer playing with your LEGO® and DUPLO® Bricks? Donate them to the Museum!




As always, for a comprehensive list of family activities, please visit our friends at North Shore Kid

2018 Economic Outlook Breakfast

Cape Ann Community

The Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce will host its annual Economic Outlook Breakfast on Thursday, March 1, at the Gloucester House Restaurant, 63 Rogers Street, Gloucester. Check-in and breakfast will start at 7:30 AM and the program will begin at 8:00 AM. CLICK HERE to register.

Economic Outlook Breakfast

This year the Chamber welcomes President and CEO of Gorton’s Judson Reis as keynote speaker.  Judson’s timely presentation will offer an overview of Gorton’s current business after nearly 170 years here in Gloucester. He will also offer his insights on the state of the seafood industry domestically and internationally, how the industry has evolved and how Gorton’s is adapting to these changes.  Mr. Reis will also give his perspective and insights on the overall economic outlook for the year ahead.

(Judson Reis, President and CEO of Gorton’s)

Jud Reis joined Gorton’s in 1990 as a Marketing Assistant.  During his 28 year career at…

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The Rose Baker February/March Artists

Cape Ann Community

Juni Van Dyke, Director of the Art Program at the Rose Baker Senior Center, recently announced the Artists of the Month for February and March. Every two months artists from the program are honored with an exhibit of their works in the lobby of the Senior Center. The public is encouraged to stop by the Center between 9am and 4pm any weekday to see the work of these accomplished artists.

For February and March, Juni has selected two artists who have been honored before: Ed Leavitt and Bob Quinn. It is fun to see how the work of these artists has evolved in just a short time. The artists are shown below: Ed (l) and Bob (r) in front of the exhibit.

edand bob.jpg

Ed Leavitt is being honored for the third time as an artist of the month; he was one of the artists honored in the first exhibit when he…

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