As David Brooks and crew were dismantling the tree, the lobstermen who bid on them were loading the traps onto trucks. The men paid handsomely for the traps, with profits from the bidding going to help support next year’s one and only #GloucesterMA Lobster Trap Tree.


Mr. Swan is back to frequenting both Niles and Henry’s Pond. He’s reveling in the return of warmer temperatures, which with it bring access to his preferred freshwater nesting sites. As I was walking alongside the pond at twilight, he suddenly flew overhead. I wish I had a better photo, but here you can see he is flying well, and it was wonderful to see him looking so full of vigor in the fading rosy light.

The Young Swan is also faring well this winter. His kindhearted caregiver Lyn has taken to calling him Thomas, after Farmer Thomas Niles, who at one time owned all of Eastern Point, and for whom Niles Pond and Niles Beach are named.


 MACKEREL (Scomber scombrus) Drawing by Luella E. Cable

On dark nights the schools are likely to be betrayed by the “firing” of the water, caused by the luminescence of the tiny organisms that they disturb in their progress. The trail of bluish light left behind by individual fish as they dart to one side or the other, while one rows or sails through a school on a moonless, overcast night when the water is firing, is the most beautiful spectacle that our coastal waters afford.

From Fishes of the Gulf of Maine by Bigelow and Schroeder, 1953

When bluefish invade mackerel schools at night the fireworks on display below are spectacular. The larger streaks tearing through a mackerel school tell the story.

Al Bezanson

Homiecast 22 With Jim Dalpiaz and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 2/24/18

The Homie Cast

745711Homiecast 22 With Jim Dalpiaz and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 2/24/18


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Olympics- Womens Cross-Country Skiing, Jessie Diggins dad looks younger than me, Curling, Women’s Hockey- Danvers Native Meghan Duggan

Canadian Woman taking off the silver medal- disgusted.

Leaked Baseball Proposed Changes-

On “The Rich Eisen Show” Tuesday, the host and namesake mentioned that there are “whispers” from some execs that there’s a discussion to let a trailing team in the ninth inning use any three hitters it wants to start the inning, regardless of where the batting order is.

Tim Teebo At Spring Training For The Mets, Russell Wilson At spring Training For The Yankees

Vacation with the boys in Mexico

I can drink 15 coors lights but two craft brews and I’m a mess.

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Reflections on a Beautiful Day

On one of the beautiful days we had this week, GMG Jimmy and I headed over to the Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary.  Apparently we were not the only ones in the region to do the same thing and they turned us away because the lots was full.  Not to be deterred in our hunt for wildlife and/or scenic pictures on a gorgeous day, GMG Jimmy set out to find us some beauty.

We found the Bradley Palmer State Park nearby and pulled in.  Though we were delighted that the parking was free, we were a tad concerned about the number of people saddling up their horses for a ride.  It felt as though we should have brought one along with us so we could fit in better.

Again, of course, we were not the only ones seeking to enjoy the temperatures and the sunshine.  Kids on bikes, walkers, runners, and the aforementioned horses were all out to revel in the day.  Wildlife took a hike themselves and we didn’t see any.

But we did see some pretty neat reflections and shadows. We were a little surprised to see ice still covering the water.  Except for the texting teenagers, it felt a little primeval.