Cy pres and mon-ey: Berkshire Museum #AGO greenlight sale & cue up Massachusetts SJO

Detail from Norman Rockwell Blacksmith's Boy Hell and Toe for Nov 1940 Saturday Evening Post, Collection Berkshire Museum to be sold at Sothebys

Cy pres petition it is! The Berkshire Museum had to demonstrate dire financial need to modify any restrictions on charter or mission, like selling its priceless art core and renovating its landmark building else risk withering and shuttering. Well, the museum has succeeded to the next round according to its website. Here’s their summary of the agreement between the Berkshire Museum and the Attorney General Office that was sent to the Single Justice Court. I have not seen a release from the AGO, yet. I’ll link to the actual document(s) soon.

Generally after a filing is ready to be reviewed, there are a couple of route options for a Single Justice. The SJO can act on the filed papers, order a hearing, or pass it back to the full court. What will the SJO decide with this one?

The Museum’s summary reads like a slam dunk for the Berkshire Museum New Vision position. An unnamed American Museum will acquire Norman Rockwell Shuffleton’s Barbershop at an undisclosed price (which should have been negotiated high enough to cover all fundraising goals if it was to happen at all. Public auction would have gone higher.) Regardless, whatever sale price was set, that purchase does not preclude further sales according to the light conditions. I suspect that’s to appease Sotheby’s, in possession of all the art and waiting for this to sort out.

Sotheby’s would rather auction that Rockwell. The Rockwell family is not part of this agreement, and was waiting to review the papers as it impacts their suit vs. the museum.

Which museum committed funds for Shuffleton Barbershop and can pounce? Lucas Museum of Narrative Art could be a contender: George Lucas and Steven Spielberg are major Rockwell collectors.  Perhaps Crystal Bridges Museum backed by Wal-Mart heiress, Alice Walton, strikes again. Both were two likely clients at Sotheby’s, too. The reputation and value of the art targeted for sale will continue to rise. Legal firms, auction houses, and collectors are poised and AGOs across the country are trending pro boards and trustee, since 2000. The leadership at the Berkshire Museum failed to raise its own money for its new vision, was unable to brand despite possessing masterpieces, celebrate its landmark building, and imagine innovative science and history programming built around Calders and Rockwells. Let’s give them more money and the art, too?

I wonder if there is a percentage of SJO decisions opposing agreements like this one, overturning a lower court ruling and now a proposed agreement with the AGO-state? The February 5th joint statement confirmed that the Berkshire Museum and AGO were at an impasse related to standing. Come on SJO!

Berkshire Museum summary of agreement filed with MA AGO to Single Justice

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Last weekend was a busy one for Hedwig. She is attracting crowds from all around the Boston area. I checked in on her Monday afternoon on my return from Brooklyn and according to a photographer friend she had a very rough day with the crows. One actually hit her hard in the head. She left Bass Rocks Monday evening and I didn’t see her the rest of the week until this morning.

Found this morning with messy face and talons, tidying up from a morning hunt.

A single crow came by to harass her and unlike previous incidents, where I have seen here hold her ground, she left her post immediately and flew to a very cool super secret hiding place. I have never seen her do this before but am so impressed with her ingenuity. She is safe from both crows and crowds in this locale.

Hedwig returned to the railings at the end of the day. After first fluffing and poohing she took off over the water and headed straight toward Twin Lights. I imagine there is good hunting on Thacher Island 🙂

Heading off to hunt late day 

Sleeping in the afternoon sun

What’s your favorite LOVE poem? Monthly Poetry and High Tea gatherings @SandpiperBakery by Eastern Point Lit House

Naturally Love is the theme for February, the first month for Bread Poets Society Monthly Poetry and High Tea gatherings @SandpiperBakery by Eastern Point Lit House. Philip Storey set up shop last week to spread the word.

February 2018 – What’s Your Favorite Love Poem? Lit House Philip Storey will lead. Specialty French pastries, tea, coffee and themed poetry. 3pm Sunday, February 11, 2018. Sandpiper Bakery, 65 Middle Street, Gloucester, MA. $25

Eastern Point Lit House High Tea at Sandpiper Bakery monthly poetry gatherings.jpg



National spotlight and recognition thanks to Gloucester Elks good works on behalf of returning veterans

Gloucester Elks Lodge #892 was recognized for the community work they do for Cape Ann’s returning veterans, receiving the Edward Spry trophy for being the #1 Lodge in the Commonwealth for veterans activities. Jayne Morse won the Elk’s Volunteer of the Year Award.  The Cape Ann Veterans Service office gives guidance and helps with information for the returning veterans.  ‘Welcome Home to Cape Ann- We Left the Light on For You’ outreach  for Returning Veterans is such an inspiring national model. It couldn’t happen without leadership, support and volunteers. Lots of good eggs here!

all photos are from  Elks Lodge #892 and Adam Curcuru


photos from last years Welcome Home To Cape Ann – welcome home family event hosted by elks, free for all returning veterans and their families, lots of nice donors and We Left the Light on for You local & generously filled swag bag

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Alicia Unleashed- The other “Alicia”


Recorded 2/8/18 (stay tuned for a HILARIOUS revelation about the 20 minute mark).

We have a stranger in the house! We talk with one of Alicia’s twitter friends (of 2 years) courtesy of Bossman Joey. Actually we have been talking about her for since episode 10. Funny, her name is not actually pronounced “Alicia”. We finally get to the reason why Bossman had pushed to meet with her (it’s Bossman’s Favorite Subject……Dating). We go through her tweets!

We are going to try and find our new friend A MAN! Please be the following: Respectful, Mature, Sense a humor, kids are not a deal breaker, also helps if you talk on your first date 😉 Also do not be allergic to cats.

As much as we don’t want to talk about it…..SUPERBOWL happened….WTF HAPPENED?! We discuss all things including Halftime, Defense, Commercials. BYE PATRICIA! Mcdaniels clearly wants the rest of the country to hate the Patriots forever. Garoppolo now the highest paid NFL Player in NFL history.


Baby Grand from Mac Bell, open mic, and music classes – news from Sound Harbor

Check out the Chickering baby grand (pre 1900) piano Mac Bell gifted to Sound Harbor! Sound Harbor offers music lessons and special musical experiences:

  • Save the date for a casual open mic recital on March 4th from 1pm-4pm
  • Sound Harbor hands on baby/toddler music song and dance classes are held every Thursday and Friday at 10AM, $5 per family.

Sound Harbor music lessons headquarters is downtown Gloucester, Massachusetts, 45R Pleasant Street (within Browns Mall) 

Zach Gorrell at Sound Harbor demonstrating new baby grand donated by Mac Bell ©c ryan Jan 2018_161254.jpg

When is SeniorCare’s Valentine Breakfast?

Cape Ann Community

SeniorCare Inc. will hold its annual Celebrate Spring Breakfast to benefit Meals on Wheels on Friday, March 16, 2018, from 7:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. at The Gloucester House, located 63 Rogers Street in downtown Gloucester. Tickets are $12 per person and include a buffet breakfast. Placemat sponsorships are still available.

Formerly the SeniorCare Valentines Breakfast, proceeds from the breakfast will benefit SeniorCare’s Meals on Wheels program.

Buy tickets or reserve your sponsor space here.

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Everyone’s Favorite Place

Well it’s definitely one of mine,, sometimes I️ wake up early enough to see and capture the beautiful colors just before the sun comes up.. Wednesday mornings sunrise was a beauty. Crazy to think this happened only a few hours before that snow/rain storm passed through.

Good Harbor’s Footbridge

Sunset at Grant Circle

I pulled into the Friendly’s parking lot because I saw a hawk in a tree.  Trying to channel my inner Kim Smith, I tried to sneak up and capture a photo.  Armed only with my iPhone I knew it wouldn’t be wonderful, but thought it would look pretty against the sunset sky.  Alas the hawk saw me coming and took to flight.   The sunset over the ducks in the water was all that remained.


Windy Day on Crane Beach

We visited Crane Beach this week on a very windy day.  The parking lot looked like a fishing pond as it was covered in water still.  But it was sunny and quiet.  We enjoyed the quiet beauty.

Choppy water


Sand blowing across the shell


It looked a bit like a seashell graveyard, shells strewn for several yards.


CB joined us but didn’t appreciate the blowing sand.



Kerry McKenna from the Cape Ann Chamber writes,
Our friends in Annisquam are at it again!
For the third year in row the Annisquam Village Players are coming out of creative-hibernation and are hosting Cabaret Night, upstairs in the Village Hall, 32 Leonard Street, this Saturday, February 10, starting at 7pm.
$30 admission includes wine, small bites and Great Entertainment!
Guests will enjoy an elegant atmosphere with Cabaret table seating, hors d’oeuvres, wine and desserts,
All proceeds will go to help defray the costs of their summer production and to the AVP Scholarship Fund.
The event is hosted by the Annisquam Village Players, and will feature performances by AVP celebrities and a select group of other talented Cape Ann artists.  Included will be singers, dancers, and a special aeriel ballet. 
The Mayor and local Gloucester politicians will introduce the show, and a special AVP scholarship will be announced.  The 2018 summer musical will be announced, with appropriate music.
This is a great way to enjoy what has been a (long winters’) Saturday night while supporting this talented group of actors!