If You’re From Gloucester, You’re a Friend Of Warren Waugh. He’s Done A Lot For Our Community and On Behalf Of The Alzheimer’s Association. And He’s Hiring!


Need a change? We’re hiring! Don’t miss the opportunity to join our incredible team of passionate professionals.

Lyon-Waugh Auto Group

The premier auto group for luxury vehicles in New England with locations in MA and NH. | BMW · MINI · Acura · Jaguar · Land Rover · Porsche · Audi




Not all Snowy Owls migrate south, but the ones that do leave the Arctic tundra to winter over in North America arrive at their wintering grounds (areas such as the Massachusetts coastline) usually beginning in mid-to late-November. Some don’t arrive until December and some as late as January. They migrate along coastlines, prairies, river valleys, and even mountain ridgelines are thought to help guide the Snowies.

By mid-April, most Snowies have left Massachusetts, although one study that I read recorded a Snowy that did not leave Logan Airport until July 7th! Another study reported that in most cases, the Snowy Owls that did not leave until summer were non-breeding birds in their first year of life.

How long will Hedwig stay? She appears to be getting plenty to eat and is quite well adapted to backshore living, despite her throngs of weekend fans. Let’s hope her stay is a good one and that she returns to the Arctic this summer to make lots of little Hedwigs and Bubos!

SNOWY OWL WATCHING TIPS: The following are some helpful tips for watching Snowy Owls.

  1. Watch from a comfortable distance–comfortable for the bird that is. Nothing makes the Owls more stressed than people getting too close.
  2. Please keep children from throwing rocks towards the Snowy or anywhere within the vicinity of the Owl.
  3. Please don’t allow dogs to play near the Snowies.
  4. There have been reports of Snowies flying into cars. They often fly low when flushed and it is easy to understand why this may happen, especially as the Snowies are drawing so much traffic. Please be on the look out when you are in known Snowy Owl territory.
  5. Slamming doors, radios blasting, barking dogs, and loud mufflers all stress the Snowies.

Thank you Everyone for being good caretakers of Hedwig, Bubo, and all the Snowies during their stay in Gloucester!

Jennifer and her daughters Ellie and Isla are super Snowy stewards, keeping well beyond the 150 feet recommended for safe observation.

PRINTING A LIMITED EDITION OF “Super Blue Blood Moon Over Gloucester”

PRINTING A LIMITED EDITION OF “Super Blue Blood Moon Over Gloucester”

Dear Friends,

I am receiving so many requests for photos and would like to honor your requests while also trying to find a hassle-free, simple way to do this and not take time away from completing my documentary film about the Monarchs.

If you would like an 8 x12 print of the “Super Blue Blood Moon Over Gloucester’s UU Church” photo, please place your order by emailing me at kimsmithdesigns@hotmail.com, commenting in the comment section of this post, or facebook messaging me. We are printing a limited edition at 95.00 each, which includes shipping and tax. The image will be a giclee print on fine art hot press paper.

We will accept checks or cash. Place your order before February 8th (within this upcoming week) and payment must be received by February 15th (within two weeks). The limited edition images will be printed that week and mailed immediately. Your order is not placed until you have received a confirmation of payment.

If this system works smoothly, I think we’ll do the “We Love You Too Snowy Owl” or Piping Plovers “OctoPop” next 🙂

Thank you all so much for your interest ❤

National Wear Red Day Means So Much More

Cape Ann Wellness

go-red-for-women-logo-newThis February, we are highlighting Go Red for Women and National Wear Red Day. Tomorrow, February 2nd, women across the country will dress in red to spread awareness for Cardiovascular Disease. This up and coming day is presented by the American Heart Association, and is dedicated to making women aware of the risks of heart disease and the ways it can be prevented. Why is this important to you? According to goredforwomen.org, approximately every 80 seconds Cardiovascular Disease kills one woman in the U.S. Go Red for Women is focused on making this shocking statistic heard, so that women can educate themselves, their loved ones, and tackle heart disease head on.

Us women are amazing, talented folks. We work tirelessly to take care of our children, families, and friends. We multitask endlessly as part of our daily lives. But how often do we take the time to take care of…

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#AcornPress in action: Mary Rhinelander demonstrates printmaking at #GloucesterMA O’Maley Middle School, also

the upcoming weekly workshop at Cape Ann Museum that Mary Rhinelander will be teaching is SOLD OUT, again. Look for future offerings.

The very dedicated and talented O’Maley art teacher, Brett Dunton, shares some action shots of fine artist and master printmaker, Mary Rhinelander, guest teaching printmaking with the authentic Acorn press in one of the 8th Grade art classes at O’Maley Innovation Middle school. Note the foot.

Fine artist Mary Rhinelander guest teaching linoleum block printing on historic Acorn press at O’Maley Innovation Middle School, with teacher Brett Dunton art class, Gloucester, MA February 2018

Historic portraits sometimes belie the physicality of the process

einonatti on press
Aino Natti (Isabel’s grandfather)

Wonder if the O’Maley students will try this energetic technique? photograph of Aino Clarke from the Cape Ann Musem Folly Cove collection  Continue reading “#AcornPress in action: Mary Rhinelander demonstrates printmaking at #GloucesterMA O’Maley Middle School, also”

Nichole’s Picks 2/3 and 2/4

Pick #1:  Ice Cream for Breakfast at Cherry Farm Creamery


Who doesn’t want ice cream for breakfast? Eat ice cream for breakfast with zero guilt, because it’s for a great cause! (Please invite your friends!)

Saturday, February 3rd is National Ice Cream for Breakfast Day. We’ll be celebrating at Cherry Farm with a special “breakfast” menu featuring…

Waffle Sundaes
Donut Sundaes
Muffin Sundaes
Donut Ice Cream Sandwiches
“Coffee & Donuts” Ice Cream
Maple bacon ice cream
Warm maple syrup sauce
Warm blueberry topping
Bacon bit topping
Sorbet/Sherbet fruit cup
& More!

Be sure to stop by early because from 8am – 12pm we will be donating half of the proceeds to support The NHL Alumni Corey C. Griffin ProAm Fund for Boston Children’s Hospital Concussion Prevention Research Center.

We hope to see you there! Please help spread the word by inviting your friends.

Pick #2: Ipswich Chinese New Year Celebration

All information is found in this flyer but you can also look here for more


Pick #3:  Dana-Farber Rink Rats vs. Bruins Alumni


Saturday, February 3, 2018
​Puck Drop is at 2:00PM

Warriors Ice Arena
90 Guest St
Boston, MA 02135

Head to the Warriors Ice Arena to watch Dana-Farber Cancer Institute doctors, nurses, researchers, and staff play a charity hockey game against Boston Bruins alumni to benefit the Jimmy Fund.

The Jimmy Fund supports pediatric and adult cancer care and research at Dana-Farber.


Tickets are $20 for adults and $10 children.  They can be purchased online at the link above or at the door!


As always, for a comprehensive list of family activities, please visit our friends at North Shore Kid

Rock Walls and Coins

A little story to tell today.  In 1979 when she was 87 or so, Gertrude Vanderwell Basil wrote a letter to my cousin outlining some history of the Gloucester area.  Here is some of that letter, reflecting on her time as a child in Gloucester probably around 1900: “then your great grandma [probably Ann Conlon Handran] left and took a job at a big brick home for tenants who went out fishing and their wives.  She was very happy there. I used to stop on my way home and she gave me a little coin purse with 11 cents in it because I stopped and visited her.  I was only about 6 or 7 years.  On the way home up on Bonds Hill there was a new home built that has a new rock wall in from of their home and I did not want to take that little purse home because Mom (Gertrude Holland Vanderwell) never let us kids accept any money from anyone so—I never did get it back because after years that place was torn down and it made me feel bad to think poor Nannie gave it to me.”

I understood her implication to be that she tucked the coin purse into the rock wall near the home on “Bonds Hill”.  As fate would have it, we are staying on Bond Street and those rock walls call to me every time I drive by them.  I think of a little girl’s coin purse with 11 cents inside perhaps still right where she tucked it over one hundred years ago. And I think of the long past ties I have to this area and count myself blessed.


Go Red: February is National Heart Month

Cape Ann Wellness

Promoting Optimal Wellness for Mind, Body and Spirit

February is a Big Month for ‘Heart Health’ Awareness  – 

  • Women’s Heart Week – First week of February.
  • ‘Wear Red’ Day – Friday. February 2nd.  #GoRedWearRed
  • National Heart Month – the entire month of February

‘Get Your Red On’ and Help Spread the Word – Heart Disease is the #1 Cause of Death for Men and Women. (Deaths from cancer, a close second.)

Prevention, symptom awareness, early intervention and treatment of heart disease helps save lives.

Dreamtime Wellness™ is offering FREE Blood Pressure Screening and Simple Relaxation Technique during the month of February. Contact us to set up an appointment. Healthy lifestyle management and decreased cardiac risk factors lead to healthier hearts and lives.

Continue Reading for ‘Steps to a Healthier Heart’ –

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Introduction to Ayurveda

Cape Ann Wellness

Two wonderful opportunities to explore the marriage of Yoga with Ayurveda – An Introductory Course as well as a Full Series with Kim Valeri of YogaSpirit Studios.

This weekend, Kim Valeri will offer an Ayurvedic Introductory Course at Yoga Sakti, in Salem, co-hosted by Treetop Yoga. This workshop will overview how the marriage of Yoga with Ayurveda provides the complete solution and approach to today’s wellness concerns. Students of this workshop will learn:

• Ayurvedic Principles that outline the fundamental structure of the human system: mind-body and consciousness
• Find the answers to some of the greatest questions about your health and life
• Discover how is it possible to have the energy, vibrancy and vitality you want
• Learn how to help your sleep difficulties and what it will take to feel refreshed and energized after a good night’s sleep
• Explore your unique constitution and what lies at the…

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