Good Morning Sleepyhead! Actually, afternoon, for you and I. Snowies hunt during the long day light hours of the Arctic summer, but here on Cape Ann, Hedwig awakens every afternoon to begin a night of hunting, returning to her roost at daybreak.

She spends a good deal of time grooming before take off–cleaning her feet, pulling her front feathers through her beak, washing overall, and fluffing out her feathers. Oftentimes she’ll spit up one, two, and even three pellets. Moments before take off she poops, and then off she goes.

A Snowy Owl’s beak and mouth look small, covered in feathers as they are, until you see it wide open. The size of a pellet that is regurgitated from her mouth can be as large as a rat. The beak is covered in small bristles to help detect nearby objects. Snowy Owls have tiny ears and owl’s ears are often asymmetrically set on their head, all the better to hear sound from different angles.

Hedwig was observed everyday this past week in rain, fog, snow, and sun. She’s feasting well on Cape Ann fare!

Beautiful Fish: American Dory -By Al Bezanson


Size—  The largest four specimens yet seen measured 18¼ and 18½ inches; 19 inches, weighing  3 pounds; and 20 inches, weighing 4½ pounds and 24 inches, weighing 7 pounds

General range—  Outer part of the continental shelf from the latitude of Chesapeake Bay to the vicinity of Sable Island, Nova Scotia, and perhaps to the Laurentian Channel that separates the Nova Scotian Banks from the Newfoundland Banks. It reaches the inner parts of the Gulf of Maine now and then as a stray.

From Fishes of the Gulf of Maine by Bigelow and Schroeder, 1953

Online courtesy of MBL/WHOI


Eastern Coyote (Coywolf) Ecology & Behavior Talk Tonight 7:00PM

The City of Gloucester Animal Advisory Committee is hosting an informative presentation on the Coywolf tonight, 7:00-8:30PM in The Cultural Center at Rocky Neck. Dr. Jonathan Way is an expert on the habits of the Coywolf.

Go to this website here to find out why he has suggested a new name, canis oriens, for the animal that is living with us on Cape Ann.

Vesper Stamper reading and book signing Thursday March 1

What the night

David West shares news of an amazing and multi talented author/illustrator coming to Gordon this week for a public reading and book signing

Vesper Stamper –


Vesper Stamper What the Night Sings

In the Woods

Walking in Ravenswoods i heard sounds when I turned and this is what i saw,, probably not a good idea to walk around up there at night.

This is my version of portrait photography my niece was a good sport of going with an idea I️ had and rocked the shoot..

Try Hockey For Free

On March 3rd @ 4pm at Talbot Rink, CAYH is hosting a Try Hockey for Free Event as part of Hockey Weekend Across America.

Pre-registration is required via the link below.

Local children age 4-9 who have beginner skating skills and who have not tried hockey are encouraged come to experience hockey for the first time. We will have some equipment available to borrow.

Free hockey jerseys and hockey sticks to registered participants (while they last).

Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 9.04.30 PM

Blowing in the Wind

Today’s post is a result of a request from FOB Paula Ryan O’Brien, who found the weather vanes around Gloucester to be as varied as they are numerous.  We either don’t have as many weather vanes at home or I just haven’t noticed them, but Paula made a good point to “look up” and check out Glosta Vanes.  And this is some of what we found:

The variety and artistry of these seem to speak to the personalities of the property owners.  Though I realize wind direction is vital information for fishermen and boaters, it appears to me most of these vanes are more decorative than informative.  I’m pretty sure my own roof would be sporting one if I had a roof available around here.

And, of course, (because it’s me and I  can’t help myself) there’s an interesting history to the use of weather vanes throughout history that you might find interesting here. Before you scoff, did YOU know their use dates back to Ancient Greece???? I’m imagining Socrates studying a vane for wind direction. Or maybe he just liked the way it looked atop the Parthenon.

Avocado Egg Boats Made In The Airfryer

Avocado Egg Boats Made In The Airfryer By My Love @kfoley41 Shout out to @kileybeth for the inspiration. Prepped the bacon first 350/ten minutes and then the avocado/egg another round 350 degrees /10 minutes. Didn’t have to heat up the huge oven. Cleaned up with a quick wipe down. Simple/easy/great results. The Airfryer Is A Gamechanger

Here’s the link to read reviews and purchase the airfryer on Amazon –


Cape Ann Community

ATTENTION Gloucester High School Students (and Parents):

Applications for 2018 summer jobs are now being accepted!

Apply for a GHS summer internship for July and August. Get a jump on your friends and nail down a summer job. THERE ARE ONLY 20 OPEN SLOTS, SO WE LOOK FORWARD TO REVIEWING YOUR APPLICATION ASAP!

As part of this internship you will:

  • Be matched with a local company where you will gain important workplace skills
  • Be paid minimum wage or a stipend
  • Start to build a solid resume for college and future endeavors

Internship highlights:

  • Open to students in 9th through 12th grades
  • Interviews will be conducted starting in March and we will let you know if you are accepted into the program
  • Employee orientation will be held in June
  • A 2.5 hour workplace skills workshop each Wednesday at GHS during the weeks of July 9th- August 17th, and an…

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