City Hall acoustics Inauguration Celebration 2018

Here are a few brief (less than 30 seconds each) sound snippets from the 2018 City of Gloucester Inauguration Celebration including Gordon Baird (God Bless America), Alexandra Grace, Josh Cominelli (National Anthem, You’ve Got A Friend), Fly Amero, John Ronan recitation (poem We, Helmsmen), Charlee Bianchini & Jack Tomaiolo (Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow). To see great photos and portraits of the day, see Kim Smith’s post Inspiring City of Gloucester Inauguration Ceremony 2018. To see the printed program and the Mayor’s full remarks, visit the city website: I’ll add Cape Ann TV video link if/when it’s ready. Ray Lamont’s excellent coverage in the Gloucester Daily Times Taking the Oath of Office 

Gloucester Daily Times Inauguration Celebration 2018 Ray Lamont article.jpg













7 thoughts on “City Hall acoustics Inauguration Celebration 2018

  1. Thanks Catherine. I was hoping someone would post the speech. Every visit to Gloucester shows work continuing, in various stages, to maintain and improve the infrastructure of the city while accommodating the day to day requirements of a good stable community and the many visitors who enjoy their moment of Gloucester life. Thank you Mayor, the staff and the community volunteers for your diligence and commitment to city of Gloucester and Island I still call home.

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    1. Happy New Year, Mary. Thank you for adding that feedback. The balance achieved that you notice and described is a beautiful compliment. The TV video link will help with the emotion and warm reception not captured on the written page. Also the chance to see and hear John Ronan’s recitation and the other creative contributors, along with the speeches–
      Senator Tarr and John Rosenthal remarks as well the Mayor’s.


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