Gloucestercast 254 With Jimmy and Pat Dalpiaz, Ed Collard, Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 11/26/17

Gloucestercast 254 With Jimmy and Pat Dalpiaz, Ed Collard, Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 11/26/17

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Timestamped Topics (click on the timestamp in front of each topic to go directly to that topic) Include:

02:15 Sandpiper Bakery/Honeycomb Stare Backfire. Guest Coffee Roasters.

05:55 Pauline Carrying Glosta Joe’s Coffee

06:25 Free Tickets To Cape Ann Community Cinema – Share this post on Facebook for a chance to win two free tickets to Cape Ann Community Cinema, The Cinema Listings are always stickied in the GMG Calendar at the top of the blog or you can click here to go directly to the website

Jenn Cullen winner of Cape Ann Community Cinema Tickets

06:55 There are 6  GMG 2018 Calendars Left To Purchase- Buy Yours Now At This Link

19:07 Lobster Trap Tree and Buoy Painting Schedule Three Lanterns Sponsoring The Traps

11:42 Pat and Jimmy’s Gloucester Day- Morning Glory- Design of Mine-Cape Ann Auctions

24:44 Bryson Lang Show At 9 Wallis- Thank You Peter and Vickie Van Ness and Mayor Sefatia

27:55 Middle Street Walk Saturday December 9, 2017- Schedule Here

30:25 Reserve now for Dec 6th Bordeaux Wine Dinner Event at Feather & Wedge! 978-999-5917

31:27 December 7th Is Downtown Gloucester Ladies Night


35:35 Coco At Gloucester Cinema

38:27 Andrew Stanton From Rockport Is A Monster At Pixar and also directed two episodes of Stranger Things- His Wikipedia Page If anyone knows Andrew please let him know we’d love to have him on the Podcast.

42:55 Darlene Love At The Cabot

Cheap Flights To Montreal

47:16 Snowy Owl Irrruption

52:40 Anthony Bourdain Featuring Southern Italy On His Show Tonight (Sunday 11/26) On CNN

57:55 Cooking With Cast Iron

Podcast 253 Good Morning Gloucester copyright Kim Smith


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As of Friday afternoon, and in preparation of building the Lobster Trap Tree, the base of the tree was aligned in a circle. Many more traps were stacked neatly in piles around the perimeter.

David Brooks and the Art Haven crew began building the tree Saturday morning. Around and around and around the crew worked stacking traps all day, carefully securing each and every pot with ties. As the tree grew taller and taller, the man on the ground passed the lobster trap to the next person in the chain, hand to hand, to the top of the tree. By early evening Saturday the last lobster trap was in place and the tree construction complete.

The Lobster Trap Tree lighting ceremony takes place December 9th on Saturday afternoon at around 4:30.


Unlike in previous years where our local lobsterman have generously donated their working traps, this year’s brand spanking new traps were donated by Three Lanterns Marine & Fishing. The lobster traps are deep green, with lighter bright green nets, and red plastic escape vents. As Joey Ciaramitaro and lobster boat Captain Mark Ring explained, modern lobster pots are designed with in-trap escape vents, which allow for freedom of movement in and out of the trap by lobsters that are too small to catch legally. The larger in-trap escape vented lobster traps are one of the many ways Massachusetts lobstermen work together to insure a sustainable lobster fisheries for future generations.


Iconic architecture of Gloucester ~ The photos were taken early Thanksgiving morning and the post was meant for later Thanksgiving Day, as a thank you for our Gloucester community, but I just got too involved with family and cooking.

Thank you Gloucester

Busy Days Black Friday and Shop Local on Saturday

Great turnout for Small Business, Shop Local on Saturday and also on Black Friday. Also shopping local helps our great businesses going. You would not be able to find Lobster P.J. anywhere but Pauline’s Gift or have an owner of a store welcome you dressed as a Christmas Elf, plus great olive oil with great gift ideas. Grateful to live here. Great progress on the best Lobster Trap Tree in the world.

More scenes from 9 WALLIS in Beverly


Upcoming shows at 9 Wallis — Jon Butcher is next!

We hear 9 Wallis has a legendary green room. The entrance is just down from the Larcom Theater.


Some photos below from Mayor Romeo Theken– she was so nice helping several families take photos with Santa


If You Haven’t Been To 9 Wallis For A show You’re Missing Out!

WOW!  Peter and Vickie Van Ness Have Landed An Incredible Space To Entertain People!

Oh and if you get a chance to see Bryson Lang perform- just go.  I thought I was going to a kids Christmas performance and I walked out smiling all day long.  Bryson Lang absolutely crushed it having all ages in the audience laughing!

9 Wallis Street, Beverly, MA 01915





Magnolia Cribbage League

Cape Ann Community

Magnolia Cribbage League starts its second session on Wednesday, November 29 at 6:30pm at J.D. Meyers Pub, 24 Lexington Ave, Magnolia. New players are welcome to join in this friendly game of cribbage. $40 covers 10 weeks of play plus a dinner and cash prizes.  If you cannot commit to a 10-week session then consider substituting for a regular player. Arrive at 6:30pm to sign up and learn more about the league. Call Andy Heinze at 508-596-3857 for more information.

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